15 housekeeping mistakes that everyone does without knowing it

If you don’t like cleaning your house, you will cut corners when you clean. It's time to stop these home cleaning mistakes.


If you don’t like cleaning your house, you probably cut some corners when cleaning. Stop doing that and start doing it right. It all starts with using the right products and avoiding the worst common mistakes most people make. Here are the 15 most common mistakes when it comes to cleaning our homes.

15. Overloading your dishwasher

Stacking dishes or putting too many utensils in your dishwasher could affect the effectiveness of your appliance. If you overload it, most of the items won’t be clean.

14. Neglecting the most important places

Faucets and doorknobs are some of the most used things in your house, so it makes sense that they should always be cleaned. Wash them with a disinfectant wipe frequently to keep germs away.

13. Washing your knives in the dishwasher

All chefs agree that you should NEVER wash your sharpest knives in the dishwasher. Beautiful expensive knives = careful maintenance. To wash them, use lukewarm water, a small amount of soap and some gentleness.

12. Forgetting the clean your wardrobe

It’s easy to forget that it should be cleaned once in a while. Dust builds up in the closet between our clothes and accessories. It is important to clean it at least once a week to prevent dust from gathering on our favorite pieces. If you think about it, your closet holds what goes directly to your skin. You definitely don’t want dusty clothes.

11. Not washing every part of your coffee machine

Since your coffee maker is the perfect place to accumulate bacteria and mildew, wash each removable part after each use – not just the pot. You have coffee every morning so make sure your machine is clean!

10. Forgetting to clean under your bed

This may seem obvious, but you should frequently declutter what’s under your bed, whether or not you have a mattress protector. Dusting off this space can influence the quality of your sleep.

9. Washing wooden spoons in the dishwasher

Wood has a porous surface and absorbs the dirty water at high temperatures. Putting your wooden spoon in the dishwasher is not a good idea. It is best to clean the wooden spoons by hand with a little vinegar. Use dish soap only if it is really oily.

8. Using the same cloth everywhere

Even if your cloth does not look dirty, it should be replaced daily because it has been used in dirty areas.

7. Washing wine glasses in the dishwasher

Generally, everyone knows that putting wine glasses in the dishwasher damages them quickly. It is best to always wash them with a cloth reserved for them. Dry the glasses with a soft cloth to avoid damaging them.

6. Spraying furniture directly

When you spray furniture with your cleaning products directly, it creates an accumulation that is difficult to remove and attracts more dust. To avoid this, spray your cloth with the cleaner, then scrub the cloth on dusty surfaces.

5. Plastic containers in the dishwasher

You must check if your plastic containers are dishwasher safe. Some can’t be washed in there because of their poor quality! The high temperatures from the dishwasher can lead to you swallowing plastic residue that is very dangerous for your health.

4. Forgetting to clean lamps

Furniture shoot

Lamps are often forgotten when it comes to cleaning: most people pass by them without dusting them off. However, their shape attracts a lot of dust. To clean them, wipe the surface with a damp cloth. Do not forget to unplug them before washing them.

3. Baby bottle nipples in the dishwasher

The high temperature of your dishwasher quickly deforms the silicone or rubber from your bottle nipples. In addition, there are high risks of your child swallowing harmful detergent residues.

2. Avoid feather dusters

Instead of a feather duster, use a microfiber cloth that captures and holds dust. Your cleaning will be much more efficient!

1. Cleaning your non-stick dishes in the dishwasher

Your dishwasher is the worst enemy of your non-stick pans. In fact, high temperatures from the dishwasher is bad for these kinds of dishes. The trick to not rub for hours food stuck on the bottom of the pan is to put hot water in them as soon as you finish using them. You can wash them right away or later without having to rub too hard.


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