These 15 tips will overcome your husband’s snoring

Trying to ignore your snoring husband in bed can cause nightmares. Try one of these 15 tips to stop your partner from snoring and finally get a good night's sleep.


Snoring can be caused by many things: weight, tiredness, the throat, etc. It is certainly a sound that can stop you from falling asleep, it can affect the quality of your sleep or even your relationship. There are many effective solutions to stop or reduce your snoring. Here are 15 helpful tips that will hopefully help you catch a better night of sleep.

15 Take a hot shower before going to bed


Snoring occurs when the airflow through the throat or nasal passages is unnaturally tightened (when awake, your body automatically prevents this from occurring). This is why fast air that goes through the clogged nasal passages often causes snoring. Experts recommend taking a hot shower before going to bed.