10 Makeup Tips to Follow if You Wear Glasses

If you wear glasses, you know that applying makeup can complicate your routine. Here are a few makeup tricks to try.


People should be happy to live in a time when there are so many options for glasses on the market, especially women. Next time you get ready to leave your house and reach for your contact lenses, don’t! Instead, wear your glasses and try these beauty tips and tricks that highlight your look. After all, you don’t have to give up the joy of wearing makeup because of your glasses!

10. Choose a good mascara

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Opt for a volumizing mascara to get thicker lashes and not a lengthening one. You don’t want your lashes to constantly stick to your glasses.

9. Apply foundation

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Wear foundation on your nose so your glasses don’t slip. You can add a translucent powder for this trick to be even more useful.

8. Buy some yellow concealer

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Eyeglass frames can create shadows under the eyes. Use a yellow concealer to hide those annoying shadows.

7. Look after your eyebrows


Yes, your glasses frame your face but you’re eyebrows frame your glasses so it’s very important to maintain them. Get your pencil, your gel, your powder out or whatever product you use on your eyebrows to make them look their best.

6. Don’t be scared to try new looks


Take out your favourite, reddest, glossiest lipstick. Don’t be scared to try new looks that showcase your beautiful features.

5. Line your cat eye makeup with the top corner of your glasses


This will attract people’s attention to your eyes and will make them look bigger.

4. Coordinate


If you have colourful eyeglass frames, why not coordinate them to your makeup?

3. Use a tinted moisturizer to hide those bothersome red marks left by your glasses on your nose


Apply the tinted moisturizer all over your face, but concentrate your application on specific areas like your nose. This way, if you take off your glasses during the day, you won’t have any little red marks that glasses tend to leave.

2. Sponge up the excess foundation near your eyes to avoid having your glasses slide off your makeup

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This is important to do on your nose and your cheeks since it’s where your frames sit.

1. Prevent your mascara from flaking on your glasses with a creamy, waterproof formula

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There are two reasons why your mascara flakes on your glasses:

  1. It is old. Your mascara is only good for 3 months after you open it.
  2. It is not a creamy formula, and there are no hydrating ingredients.


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