Here’s How To Save On Heating This Winter

Do you despise winter because of your heating bills? Here are brilliant ideas to heat your house without blasting on the heat!


The price of heating during the winter can escalate very quickly: nobody wants to be cold during that time of year or get sick because of the cold. For the sake of your budget, it is necessary to try to keep a modest electricty bill while living in a cozy environment. Here are a few ingenious ideas that will help you heat your house without blasting the heat.

15Eliminate all the cracks in your window frames

Via Capitale

Even the smallest crack can let a large amount of hot air escape your house. Rachel Rothman, technical director and engineer at the Good Housekeeping Institute, recommends using a flash light or a candle to verify if there is any escaping air coming out of your window. At night, get someone to stand on the other side of your light source and if you can see them, it means that you have cracks in your window frames.