Find out which comedians are the richest in the world

We all know Hollywood stars make a lot of money, but here are the 20 richest comedians in the world!


When you’re a famous Hollywood star, money is generally not a problem. Our favourite celebrities can easily make more money in a year than we will ever make in our entire life. Nevertheless, some celebrities make more money than others, like in any other field. Here are the 20 richest comedians in the world!

20. Kevin Hart – 120 million

The Hollywood Reporter

Kevin is the most coveted action movie actor right now. His roles in Scary Movie 3, In the Mix and other films have contributed to his many public appearances. He never hesitates to give talks or to communicate with his fans directly on social media. A real legend.

19. Steve Harvey – 120 million

Ghion Journal

Unfortunately, most people know Steve Harvey because of his moment of confusion during the Miss Universe pageant, but the genius Steve Harvey is much more than that. His 30 plus years of hard work have made him a household name in the industry and his melodious voice is well known all across the world. He is also a celebrated author.

18. Ray Romano – 130 million

CBS News

Everybody loves Ray! He used to be a struggling comedian always wondering when he would get his next paycheck. After appearing on David Letterman’s Late Show, he was able to convince people to give him his own sitcom. Since then, everything he’s been in has turned into gold.

17. Rowan Atkinson – 130 million


If you compile a list of the 10 best comedians, Mister Bean has got to be included in the list. His epic and unique role has captivated generations and generations of people all over the world. He would be even richer if he hadn’t bought his pink Formula 1 racing car.

16. Steve Martin – 130 million

That Eric Alper

Steve, who used to be an aspiring actor doing shows in comedy clubs in Los Angeles, is now one of the pillars of American comedy. He has hosted Saturday Night Live 15 times and has made the crowd laugh to tears many times.

15. Dan Aykroyd – 135 million

Gazette Review

If you think that Dan is only known for his work in The Blue Brothers and Ghostbusters, you are wrong. Dan is also a prosperous businessman, owner of the House of Blues, the live music concert hall chain, and founder and owner of the Crystal Head Vodka company. His net worth of 135 million dollars is the fruit of his hard work and his smart decisions over the years.

14. Drew Carey – 165 million

ABC11 Raleigh-Durnham

Drew Carey used to be a young comedian fresh out of the army. After his stand up shows, he had his own show called The Drew Carey Show. He has also appeared in Whose Line is it Anyway? but nowadays he’s mostly known for his time on The Price is Right.

13. Seth McFarlane – 200 million

Huffington Post

Seth has done very well with Family Guy, but he has also worked on other great and renown television series like Johnny BravoDexter’s Laboratory, and Cow and Chicken. These are all legendary television series from the Cartoon Network that Seth has blessed with his talent.

12. Jay Leno – 350 million


We are sure that Jay would be worth even more if he hadn’t bought all his expensive and vintage cars. Oh well! This legendary comedian and television host has made a great deal of money during his lengthy career.

11. Ellen DeGeneres – 360 million

Good Housekeeping

This legendary talk show host started as a humble comedian. We know her because of her jokes, but also for the way she communicates with her guests on her show. Despite her huge wealth, she is a great social activist and philanthropist. You couldn’t think of someone nobler or more down to earth.

10. Adam Sandler – 360 million


Adam Sandler started as a “funny guy”, but has worked hard to develop his talent. Because of his hard work, he is one of the most talented actors in modern cinema. He formed his own film production company called Happy Madison Production. He is a real legend.

9. David Letterman – 400 million


David Letterman hosted his late-night show for 33 years. In the process, he has made approximately 400 million dollars. He has always worked hard to make his public laugh.

8. Matt Stone et Trey Parker – 400 million


South Park is one of the most iconic television shows of all times. They don’t have the best graphics nor the funniest lines but globally, the show encompasses all the elements of current society and criticizes it in a phenomenal way. They have sensitized their public for 21 seasons now. Good job guys!

7. Matt Groening – 500 million


Matt is behind the longest series in recent history: The Simpsons. So simple, yet so great. This iconic cartoon has highlighted numerous problems that our current society faces. They still produce new episodes and the show’s value keeps on growing.

6. Larry David – 800 million


Larry used to do odd jobs while developing ideas for his show Seinfeld. After the show’s debut, Larry’s producing career also began. Overall, after years of producing and good investments, he is now worth $ 800 million.

5. Jerry Seinfeld – 870 million


Jerry and Larry David were the brains behind Seinfeld. What makes this series so good is that Jerry was a comedian before starting television. Whenever he’s being interviewed, you can tell he’s talented because of his funny jokes. He is without a doubt a legend.

4. Kathy Griffin – 20 million

Fox News

Kathy has recently taken a bold stance against Donald Trump with her interesting art piece. Many of her fans supported her even though her popularity has weakened because of the scandal. After the story blows over, she will probably reclaim the popularity that she deserves. She will always be brilliant.

3. Dave Chappelle – 45 million

CBS News

Dave was forced to do a lot of promotional work before starring in his own show. His show beat all the rating records in the 1990s and transformed Dave into a comedic force. Since then, his career has only been positive.

2. Jim Carrey – 150 million


Jim has a unique face that makes some people laugh out loud and others have nightmares at night. Jim has had some iconic performances in his career all while doing stand-up. He is a true idol. He didn’t do so badly for someone who used to be homeless.

1. Robin Williams – 150 million

Acadie Nouvelle

We kept the best for last. The incredible and always memorable Robin has blessed us with some iconic roles for a number of years. When he died, the actor was worth about 50 million dollars because of his 2 costly divorces. His memory and fame continue to live on inside each and every one of us.

Source: BuzzVivo