Overcome the fear of frying homemade fries with these tips

If you like frying food at home and want to cook without having to bear its unpleasant smell, here are some tips you should try.


Eating fried chicken or homemade fries is tasty and it’s not that complicated if you’re well equipped. Certainly, the smell that accompanies these fried foods is much less pleasant. Not only can this easily fall on our heart, but it can stay in the kitchen for a long time and even seep into other rooms of our home. If you like frying food at home and want to cook without having to bear its unpleasant smell, here are some tips you should try.

10. Change the oil from your fryer


To avoid having to bear the smell of frying even long after cooking your dish, change the oil of your fryer after 6 uses. You will see that the smell of frying will be much less strong as well.

9. Clean your fryer with bread crumbs

Clean your fryer with parsley and breadcrumbs, two ingredients you can find at the grocery store.

  • Heat the remaining oil in your fryer and place a piece of wet bread in your appliance when your oil is hot.
  • Wait a few minutes and add some parsley to your oil.
  • Pour your oil through a sieve to use it again without it spreading odors in every room of your home.

8. Clean your fryer with flour

The fat of the fryer can also spread a bad smell in your home. It is therefore important to thoroughly clean your fryer, making sure to completely remove the grease from your cooking appliance.

  • Empty your deep fryer.
  • Pour some flour into your cooking appliance. You will find that the flour absorbs fat.
  • Wash your fryer.

7. Get rid of odors with alcohol vinegar

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You can overcome the smell of frying with alcohol vinegar. All you have to do is fill a glass of alcohol vinegar and drop it in the kitchen while you cook with your fryer.

6. Add an egg white to your oil


Egg white is also an excellent ingredient against frying odors.

  • Separate the white from the yolk of an egg.
  • Take the egg white and add it to the oil you just used.
  • Heat and filter.

5. Burn a slice of bread

Surprisingly, you can remove the smell of frying by burning bread! Put a slice of bread in the toaster and grill.

4. Open the windows

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There is nothing better to chase bad smells, including that of your fryer, than to open the windows to ventilate your home..

3. Light incense

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Why not hide the smells of frying by lighting sticks of incense? This is a simple and effective solution, especially if you enjoy the smell of incense.

2. Burn scented oil


You can get scented oil and a specialized burner and dispose of it in your kitchen. When you start cooking with your deep fryer, heat up your scented oil to release a pleasant fragrance into your home.

1. Try the coriander seeds


Fry your food wothout having unpleasant smells. Just put a teaspoon of dried cilantro in your frying bath. However, be sure to change your oil and coriander seeds from time to time.


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