Your iPhone could save your life and make your life simpler

If you have an iPhone, here are a few hacks you should know. The last one is certainly the most important could save your life.


Your iPhone is a goldmine, you can do so much with it. It is not without reason that we call it a smart phone. Even though we might think we know everything about it, this device can quickly impress us since it possesse numerous hacks that not many people know. If you have an iPhone, you will be delighted to find out about these hacks, especially the last one since it could help you if you are ever in a difficult or harmful situation.

2Avoid sending a text message

If you clicked on send but you regret what you wrote or you just didn’t feel like answering yet, you can simply put your phone on Airplane Mode to block the signal and prevent your message from sending. Obviously, you don’t have 5 minutes to do think about this, you need to be quick! Once the red question mark appears, you can delete your message for good.