20 gardening hacks that will make your neighbours jealous

Whether you are a gardening pro or not, here are 20 hacks that will help you have a beautiful garden all summer long!


Gardening is one of the many joys of summer! Many people spend a lot of time in their flower or vegetable garden to create miracles with simple shoots and a little love. If you do not have a green thumb, but have always wanted pretty flowers or huge vegetables, here are 20 gardening tips just for you. These tips will allow you to have a beautiful garden, making all your neighbours jealous!

2Seeds on a paper band

Jardin Betty

If you want a quick and affordable way to create your own seed bands, all you need is to use some toilet paper, water and flour. Make a paste with the water and flour (1 part flour for 3 part water) and gently place it on the toilet paper. Then, place the seeds in the paste, and place the seed band in your garden beds. Easy, inexpensive and effective!