Clean your car easily with these 12 amazing tips

If your car is often dirty, here are a few tips and tricks that should help you quickly clean it without any difficulties.


We often use a car to go shopping, to get to work or to drive our children to school. It is thus normal that after a certain time, it gets dirty. Fortunately, we can clean the inside as well as the outside of our vehicle with some clever ideas. Test these cleaning tips now to keep your car clean and tidy!

1. Make your headlights sparkle with toothpaste

Know that you can make your car headlights sparkle with toothpaste. Simply apply the product to them and rub them in small circular movements. Remove excess toothpaste with another cloth.

2. Remove a sticker on your bumper

Do you have an old sticker on your bumper you wish to remove? Know that you can get rid of it with a hairdryer.

  • Use your dryer to soften the adhesive on your sticker.
  • Take a plastic loyalty card (don’t use your credit card in case you damage it) and use it to remove your sticker.
  • With this trick, you can also remove old toll vignettes as well as parking permits.

3. Here is a home cleaner to remove stains from your car

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You can remove stains in your car by using a home cleaner.

  • You need vinegar, lemon, sparkling water and dishwashing liquid.
  • Mix 120 ml white vinegar, 240 ml sparkling water, 120 ml dishwashing liquid and 60 ml lemon juice in a spray bottle.
  • Shake your bottle well so that all ingredients mix properly.
  • Take your bottle and spray the stained surfaces that need to be cleaned.
  • Using a hard brush, rub the stains.
  • Wipe the stains with a cloth.

4. Clean your cup holder with a sock

Cup holders tend to accumulate a lot of dirt. Fortunately, you can wash them with a sock and a multi-purpose cleaner. Simply spray the multi-purpose cleaner inside your cup holder. Then cover a cup or glass with a sock, put it in the cup holder or turn it and twist it to pick up all the dirt.

5. Here’s how to maintain the interior of your car

It is obviously important to maintain the interior of your car so that it can stay nicer longer and that you can keep it longer. To do this, here is a little tip to keep your dashboard clean: take a small amount of Vaseline and apply it to your dashboard with a cloth. This ensures that you keep it clean and tidy at all times.

6. Make a homemade cleaner for your tire rims

You can clean your tire rims using a homemade recipe:

  • Mix together some baking soda, dishwashing liquid and hot water.
  • Then, simply wash the rims of your tires with a cloth.

7. Use a cotton swab for hard to reach places

It is not always easy to clean your car thoroughly. Indeed, some places are hard to reach. For these nooks and crannies, use a cotton swab.

8. Remove pet hair from your car

Having a pet is nice unless they accompany us in the car. It is not always easy to clean their hairs off the car seats. One way to remove pet hair from your car is to spray water on the seats of your vehicle and use a squeegee to remove them. After vacuuming, you can pick up the last remaining hairs.

9. Use a foam brush to wash the air vents

You can wash the air vents with a foam brush. This inexpensive cleaning tool will get rid of dirt and dust quickly. But be sure to vacuum before using this. Otherwise, you will have to collect dust on your carpet.

10. Say goodbye to the bad odours with baking soda

Why not remove bad smells in your car with baking soda? Simply sprinkle this product in your car, leave it for a few hours, then simply vacuum it off! You can also create home air fresheners by mixing baking soda with an essential oil (example with lavender) in a jar.

11. Wash your windshield wipers with 70° alcohol

Use a cloth and 70° alcohol to clean your windshield wipers to ensure good visibility. It’s an easy tip to follow!

12. Get rid of dust with coffee filters

You can use coffee filters outside the kitchen. Coffee filters can help you collect dust. In addition, they are affordable, disposable and biodegradable.