12 Helpful Tips to Grow Tasty Tomatoes This Summer


If you decide to grow some vegetables in your garden this summer, you should definitely think about growing some tomatoes. In the summertime, they are much tastier when they come from a garden than from the grocery store and they won’t take too much effort.

To make them grow properly, here are some simple tricks.

1. Plant Tomatoes Deep Into the Ground

The deeper your plant is, the more the roots will absorb water that is needed for your tomatoes to survive.

2. Cut The Bottom Leaves

By cutting the bottom leaves, you can prevent contamination and it will help the sun reach your plant.

3. Add Mulch

The mulch keeps the soil moist and warm, so it protects your plants.

4. Opt for Copper

Copper strips or copper pipes prevent slugs and snails from taking over your plants.

5. Tutoring Tomatoes

The tutor is a cage that helps your plants grow by supporting them and protecting them from the wind.

6. Give Your Plants Space

You should have 60 to 90 cm between each plant to help grow the tomatoes. Otherwise, sunlight is limited, which weakens the plants.

7. A lot of Water

Cracked tomatoes mean there is a lack of water in your plants. Make sure you give them a lot of water.

8. Be Careful with Watering

Even if your tomatoes need water to grow, you should not water them any kind of way.

They should be slowly watered starting from the bottom. Make sure there is at least 15 cm of humid soil under the plant.

9. Epsom Salt

The Grandmother’s tricks website suggests using Epsom salt to prevent yellowing leaves: “This is a well-known gardening trick to get good growth, robust stems, have a longer growing season and helps against yellowing.”

  • You can put some in the ground when you are planting your tomato plant using an instrument to dig into the ground. A tablespoon of salt will suffice in your hole.
  • You can also put one teaspoon of salt in 3L of water and water your plants with this mixture every two to three weeks. This will give them magnesium and sulphate.”

10. Better to Be Well Accompanied

These flowers prevent worms from attacking your tomato plants thanks to their smell.

11. Garlic

Plant a few bulbs near your plants to improve their taste and reduce the risk of parasites. You can also crush 1 clove of garlic in 3 L of water and then use that mixture to water the ground.

12. Move them around

The grandmother’s tricks website says not to plant your tomatoes in the same place 3 years in a row. If you have space, change their location every 2 years, otherwise, your plants may produce fewer tomatoes each year.

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