Here’s how to grow tasty tomatoes in your vegetable garden

Have you always wondered what the secret is to growing beautiful and tasty tomatoes in your vegetable garden? Here are a few tips to help you!


Summer is the perfect season to have a garden but also to have a vegetable garden. Indeed, what’s better than to eat the fruits and vegetables that come directly from your own garden? If you like tomatoes, we suggest you discover a few hacks so you can grow some in your yard. These tomatoes will be much bigger and tasty than those you get at the grocery store, we guarantee it!

1Plant your tomatoes in a lot of light and in an airy space

If you wish to have nice tomato plants, make sure to leave at least 70 cm between each feet. This way, the air can circulate between the tomato plants. You will also avoid the spread of sicknesses between the plant and will allow them to take advantage of a maximum of 10 hours of light during the day during the summertime.