These fabulous tips and tricks will save your damaged clothes

Are some of your clothes damaged? Try one of these ingenious tips and tricks to save it instead of getting rid of it and throwing it in the garbage!


It has probably already happened to you, like most people, to damage one of your new pairs of shoes or your favourite pants and do not know how to fix them. You probably decided to throw them into your wardrobe and ignore them until they were filled with dust or you decided to throw them in the garbage. Know that there exist certain tips and tricks that can help you save your favourite clothes and accessories. Discover them now!

1. Rapidly eliminate bad odours

Do your jeans smell bad? Place them in a large plastic bag and then in the freezer. The bacterias that cause bad odours will die at glacial temperatures and the denim dyes won’t disappear since you’re not washing your jeans excessively.

2. Remove dirt from your suede shoes

Use a nail file to remove tenacious dirt on your suede shoes or boots. All you need to do is scrub on the stain to remove it completely.

3. Finally get rid of a sweat stains

Squeeze fresh or concentrated lemon juice and some water on the sweat stain and scrub it with your mix. Let your piece of clothing dry in the sun for the anti-stain mix can be even more effective. For more tenacious stains, create a paste with baking soda and water and then apply it to the stain. Let the paste do its job for about an hour before putting your clothes in the washing machine.

4. Unblock your zipper

Is your zipper stuck? Take a wax crayon that is the same colour as your zipper and colour the teeth with it. That should do it.

5. Eliminate a makeup stain

If you accidentally left some makeup marks on your clothes, you can always get rid of them with shaving cream. It’s that simple.

6. Get rid of smelly odours in your shoes

Sprinkle some baking soda in your shoes to absorb sweat and smelly odours.

7. Get rid of an oil stain

Have you spilled some oil on your favourite clothing item? Sprinkle some baby powder on it and let the powder absorb the oil all night.

8. Stretch your too small shoes

If your shoes are too small or too narrow, you can always stretch the tight zone by blow drying it while wearing thick socks.

9. Fix a loose button

To avoid losing a loose button, all you need to do is solidify it with some clear nail polish.

10. Stop a stocking run

Did you put some stockings on and they automatically created a run? To avoid the run from getting bigger and longer, apply some clear nail polish on it.

11. Remove lint from your wool sweaters

Have you noticed lint on your wool sweater? Know that you can get rid of it with a simple razor.

12. Here is how to restring your hood

Hood strings often have a tendency of slipping out when you wash your hoodie. You can put the string back (or fix it for good) with the help of a safety pin.

13. Remove a scratch on your shoe

To remove a scratch on a patent leather shoe, use some Vaseline and a cotton swab.

14. Replace zipper pull

If the zipper pull on your favourite pair of jeans is broken, you can always replace it with a key ring loop.

15. Here is how to make your patent leather shine

All you have to do to make your patent leather shoes shine is to spray them with some window cleaner and dry them with a soft cloth.


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