15 Clever Ways to Use Toothpaste Differently That You Didn’t Know Before

If you are looking for ways to use your toothpaste differently, here are 15 tips that will surely change your daily life for the better.


Your little tube of toothpaste is definitely in your bathroom waiting for you to brush your teeth. BUT! It could be very useful differently from what you had anticipated.You will be amazed by its performance to clean your teeth, but also to clean your house as well. Hurry up, do not miss these tips and click at the bottom of the page to see them all.

Here are 15 that will change your daily life for the better.

14Remove pencil marks

Sometimes kids turn over excited and they are drawing on walls, do not worry, the toothpaste is there to help you erase everything.

Just rub the wall with a little toothpaste, rinse with a damp cloth, then everything will disappear quickly.