Your dog should sleep with you in your bed, here’s why

If you have a dog and are hesitant to let him/her sleep in your bed, here are 15 reasons that will convince you to let them do it.


If you have a dog, you know how much attention these little animals require on a daily basis. Whether it’s during the day when they want to play or at night when they want to cuddle. However, although we love our pets, we don’t necessarily want them to follow us at all times. This is often the case at night time when our four-legged friend wants to sleep in our bed with us. However, sharing your bed with your dog can actually be beneficial for you. Here are some reasons that will certainly convince you to let your doggie sleep with you.

1For your safety

Having a dog in the house can easily discourage a thief from entering your home or simply reassure you when it comes time to go to bed if you live alone. Having your dog in bed with you can make a difference in the quality of your sleep, because you know that if something happens, your dog will be next to you to warn you, so you don’t need to be so alert.