21 reasons why aluminum foil is essential to your life

Aluminum foil does not only help you to cook your favourite foods. Discover all the other fantastic uses of this material.


Everybody owns aluminum foil. The contrary would be surprising since this is a very practical item to have around the house. We use aluminum foil to cook food in the oven, as well as on the barbecue, and that’s the reason why there is always some lying around. Surprisingly, aluminum foil can be used outside the kitchen. Here are 20 interesting things you can do with this item. You will quickly realize that aluminum foil is essential to your life.

21. Replace a funnel


If you need to pour some liquid in a water bottle, make a funnel with some aluminum foil.

20. Wrinkle-free clothes


Put some aluminum foil under the clothes that are being ironed. The aluminum foil will become hot very rapidly, so your clothes will be wrinkle-free on both sides in no time.

19. Sharpen your scissors


If you need to sharpen your scissors and get rid of rust, cut a piece of aluminum foil 7-10 times.

18. Extend your batteries life


If you have dead batteries and you don’t have any more lying around your home, use some aluminum foil to make your batteries work again. Place the aluminum foil as shown on the image above.

17. Remove the static from your clothes


Place balls of aluminum foil in your dryer to get rid of static from your clothes. This will also help your clothes dry faster.

16. Clean your iron


Clean your iron with a ball of aluminum foil.

15. Clean your silverware


To clean your silverware, place some aluminum foil at the bottom of a container or your sink. Add some baking soda, salt, and boiling water and soak your silverware.

14. Move furniture easily


To move furniture more easily, place bits of aluminum foil under the furniture legs as shown above. This will help slide the furniture.

13. Get better wifi signal


Aluminum foil can help improve the wifi signal. Fold the aluminum foil a few times, and place it behind the wifi modem like a screen.

12. Clean a glue gun


You can easily clean a glue gun with a piece of aluminum foil.

11. Protect your food when you’re cooking


To protect your food from sticking to the pan, place a piece of aluminum foil at the bottom of your pan. It is also a great way to cook without having to use oil.

10. Remove rust from chrome surfaces


Make an aluminum foil ball and scrub it on the rusted surface.

9. Seal plastic bags


If you need to seal a plastic bag, place a long piece of aluminum foil at the top, as shown above, and iron it shut.

8. Use aluminum foil as a touchscreen pen

Sympa Sympa

Surprisingly, touchscreens react to aluminum foil. If you add some foil on a pen with, you can make your own touchscreen pen. If you don’t have touchscreen gloves, add aluminum foil to the tips of your gloves and use your smartphone with normal gloves.

7. Make your own cookie cutters


You can make any shape you would like in a few minutes with this item.

6. Whiten your teeth


Mix some baking soda with some toothpaste and put a thick layer of the mixture on a strip aluminum foil. Place the strip on your teeth. Remove it after an hour, and rinse your mouth.

5. Protect your door knobs

Do you need to paint a room that has a doorknob? You can quickly cover your doorknobs with some aluminum foil to protect them instead of using traditional tape. The aluminum foil will also protect your doorknobs from paint splatters.

4. Throw out your cooking grease

If you have cooked very greasy food, cover a bowl with some aluminum foil and pour the grease into the bowl. Make the aluminum foil into a ball and place it in the garbage.

3. Always have a clean oven

To make sure you always have a clean oven and to avoid having to constantly clean it, add a layer of aluminum foil to the bottom of your oven. This trick also helps to avoid food from burning and distributes heat well.

2. Clean your barbecue grill

You can clean your barbecue grill with a simple aluminum foil ball. All you have to do is scrub the grill to get rid of grease stains.

1. Curl your hair

If you want to curl your hair and protect them from too much heat emanating from your curling iron, place a piece of aluminum foil between your iron and your hair and curl.