6 good reasons to shop on Cyber Monday

Save money by staying home and shopping online on Cyber Monday!


Thanksgiving is one of the many American traditions celebrated by many families each year. One day after everyone drinks and shares a great meal is the famous Black Friday. On this day, the stores offer sensational discounts to consumers. But you can also purchase many items on sale without the risk of fighting with other customers, which often tends to be the case on Black Friday. In fact, Cyber Monday, also known as Crazy Monday, allows you to make online purchases on sale, but from the comfort of your home. Discover 6 good reasons to shop on Cyber Monday instead of Black Friday.

1Some factual information


Since the 1960s, buyers have been rushing into stores the day after Thanksgiving. It seems that this annual sale, also known as Black Friday, was named by police officers who worked very long shifts to make sure there was order in the streets. Online shopping, on the other hand, has increased dramatically since the 2000s. The fact that people started shopping for Christmas gifts online on the Monday following Thanksgiving sparked the creation of Cyber Monday in 2005. This is the most important online shopping day of the year! If you’re not sure if it worth it to buy items online on this crazy Monday, here are some reasons that might convince you.