Cyber Monday: 10 tips to save even more money

Do you like shopping online? Cyber Monday is perfect for saving on your online purchases. Here are some tips to make the most of it.


You have probably already heard of Black Friday, also known as Mad Friday. This is the day after American Thanksgiving. During this event, people rush into stores to buy products on sale. Cyber Monday is another event that allows you to buy several items at a discounted price on the Internet. To save as much as possible during this annual sale, here are some tips to know.

1. Some important information to know

Cyber Monday, also known as Crazy Monday, always takes place on the Monday following Black Friday. This year, this gigantic Internet sale is on November 26th. Unlike Black Friday, which is more dedicated to technological products, Cyber Monday offers discounts on various items and products, including clothing, jewelry and household items. Moreover, you don’t need to go to the store to make your purchases: everything is done on the Internet!

2. Shop before the start of Cyber Monday

Why not start shopping for the items you want before November 26th? Many businesses post their promotions and discounts before Monday. It is therefore easy to find the best deals on the Internet and save a lot of time on Cyber Monday.

3. Subscribe to your favourite stores’ newsletters

Subscribing to newsletters from your favourite stores can be very beneficial. Indeed, by making this simple gesture, you will have access to promotions and discounts from the stores you love the most before Cyber Monday. Another good thing to do is to subscribe to the social network pages (Facebook, Twitter) of the companies you love. This will keep you informed of retailer sales and contests.

4. Read blog articles

Blogs can help you save time, but also money when it comes to buying products online. Indeed, many blogs devote one or more articles to Cyber Monday. You can, therefore, find attractive offers and save time searching the Internet.

5. Compare prices

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Once you have identified products that interest you on the Internet, take the time to compare their prices with websites such as Google Shopping and Pricegrabber. This will allow you to see if the items you have found have a discount that is really beneficial to you or not.

6. Bookmark your favourite websites

It’s easy to get lost on the Internet looking for the most interesting deals on Cyber Monday. A tip to avoid this problem is to create a folder to save the pages of your favourite businesses. Another thing you can do is to create an Excel document and list the websites of the businesses you are interested in. By listing your websites, you would save a lot more time when it comes to shopping online.

7. Beware of shipping costs


Of course, shopping online is very advantageous. However, it is important that you pay attention to the shipping details. So, when you order your items online, check if there are any shipping charges and make sure that the delivery is available in your country. If you live in North America, also pay attention to customs duties.

8. Open a client account


Once you have finished tracking down all the items you plan to buy, open a customer account on the sites you want. This will prevent you from having to reenter your payment and shipping information on November 26.

9. Check the security practices

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When shopping on the Internet, make sure that the site of the store you are visiting is secure. A good way to find out is to look at the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. The URL of the site you are visiting starts with “https”? You can then make your purchases there without worries. Indeed, SSL is a protocol that makes it more difficult to steal credit card information.

10. Use a credit card with a reward program

It is easy to spend a large amount of money on Black Friday, but also on Cyber Monday. It is therefore advantageous to use a card with a rewards program to pay for purchases. This will give you the opportunity to save on your items in addition to earning discounts or reward points.


Cyber Monday is, therefore, a date to keep in mind to save money. You will be able to make several purchases, including holiday gifts for your loved ones (and yourself).

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