Brothers and sisters of your favourite celebrities you didn’t know existed

You probably know most of these celebrities, but did you know that they had a brother or sister? Discover their siblings now!


You probably know many celebrities who play in movies or have a musical career. Since these people have a public life, you may be aware of many details of their personal lives, such as their date of birth, spouse, etc. But many of these celebrities have brothers and sisters that no one has ever heard of. Discover now the brothers and sisters of these 30 stars.

1Jared Leto – Shannon Leto

Jared Leto is a famous actor and singer, but few people know that he has an older brother, Shannon, who shares the same musical talent like him. Shannon is also a founding member of the group 30 Seconds to Mars in which he plays drums while his brother sings. The musician and songwriter has sold more than 15 million records worldwide with his band, but it is his brother who is the “face” of the band. Shannon has also played small roles in film and television over the years.