Top 40 American presidents ranked from the worst to the best


In your opinion, who is considered the best president in American history? A team of experts was recently commissioned by C-SPAN to definitively answer this question and the results are fascinating. They ranked each president according to a number of different factors such as public persuasion, leadership in crisis situations, international relations and vision during his term of office. Which of the presidents since 1774 was the best of the best? We have compiled the presidents who ranked in the top 40. Whether you agree or not, read on to find out who is in first place!

40Warren G. Harding

The New York Times

The election of the 29th President Warren G. Harding made history because it was the first election in which women could vote. A rural man from Ohio, Warren Harding began his career in the newspaper industry, owning the newspaper Marion Star. After entering politics, he only left his rural Ohio hometown when absolutely necessary for this role.

During his tenure, from 1921 to 1923, Harding championed a “return to normalcy” and officially ended the First World War in 1921 when he officially declared the United States at peace with Germany, Hungary and Austria. It has tried to stimulate the economy through a number of measures. His office suffered many scandals and he unfortunately died of a heart attack while in office.