The Best And Worst Dog Food Brands

If you love your pet with all your heart, limit yourself to these 7 brands of dog food and avoid these 8 others at all costs.


Your dog deserves only the best! And if you want your pet to live as long as possible, it is best to do everything possible to keep it healthy. The best way to do it? Offer him/her the best quality food. Here are the best and worst dog food brands for an informed shopping experience.

1. Best: Nom Nom Now

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Nom Nom Now has nothing to do with our preconceived idea of dog food. No huge bags of food or smelly preservatives. Only fresh food carefully cooked and delivered to your door. In short, top gastronomy for a healthy animal.

2. Ollie

Like Nom Nom Now, Ollie is a subscriber service that delivers fresh food without preservatives or fillers. Meals are formulated and proportioned according to your pet’s needs and must be refrigerated or frozen.

3. Acana

Acana takes into account your animal’s biology to produce food that is best suited to its unique species. With their Regionals range, your dog will get all the necessary nutrients from quality food.

6. Taste of the Wild

Taste Of the Wild contains foods that are easy for your pet to digest. The recipes specially formulated to provide all the nutrients your dog needs are rich in meat and grain-free.

7. Wellness

Wellness is a trusted brand that only uses quality ingredients. The company produces several lines of dog food. The most popular, CORE, contains no grains and is an excellent choice for your pet.

8. Worst: Diamond

The Diamond brand includes three lines of pet food. While Diamond Naturals and Diamond Naturals Grain-Free are relatively acceptable, the third is the original Diamond range. It contains a high content of soy, corn and wheat as well as animal by-products from questionable sources.

9. Ol’Roy

Ol' Roy Complete Nutrition Dog Food is made with a recipe designed to create a meaty taste that will appeal to your dog….

Posted by Walmart Laredo – Highway 83 South on Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Walmart’s customers’ favourite brand of dog food is, unfortunately, a very bad choice for your pet. Its very low price is possible for a simple reason, the product is formulated with soy, wheat, corn, poor quality meat and additives.

10. Kibbles’n Bits

While this unfortunately very popular brand promises chicken and beef full of flavours, the list of ingredients reveals something else. Kibbles’n Bits is mainly made from grains, which are harmful to dogs, in addition to various artificial agents.

11. Hill’s Science Diet

Hill’s Science Diet likes to claim to be the most recommended brand among veterinarians, but this unfounded claim does not prove the quality of the product. Their comprehensive range of often specialized products allows them to display high prices while grain and ingredient formulations change little.

12. Royal Canin

Don’t let their marketing efforts convince you. It’s only a question of budget! Although Royal Canin is one of the most popular pet food brands, it is far from being of good quality. Don’t follow the masses and choose a mix that will promote your dog’s health.

13. Pedigree

Another great name in the field of dog food to avoid. The ingredients change very little from one specialized formula to another and they are of poor quality. Mostly made of grains, Pedigree food also contains many preservatives, fillers and artificial additives.

14. Purina

Beneful, Dog Chow and Alpo, all these popular dog food lines belong to the Purina mother brand. All equally bad for the same reasons mentioned above, stay away from Purina products.

15. Grreat Choice

PetSmart has issued a voluntary recall of one production lot of its Grreat Choice® Adult Dog Food sold on,…

Posted by Macungie Animal Hospital on Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Grreat Choice is the private label brand of the American pet store chain PetSmart. Formulas rich in grains, an allergen common in dogs, also contain animal derivatives from unknown sources.