1 Weird Trick Erases Teeth Stain

You don't have to spend thousands or even hundreds of dollars to retreive your white smile. You can get rid of yellow teeth with this simple trick.


A nice smile is one of the most valuable things a person can own. Consequently, whitening your teeth can be extremely expensive. But getting rid of teeth stain does not have to dig a hole in your bank account. All you have to do to is change a bad few habits and try this weird trick to change your smile from yellow to white.

5. Quit Smoking

Every reason is good to quit smoking. Having white teeth is one of them. Not only does it drastically increases your chances of developing cancer, but it will turn your teeth yellow. There is no point in whitening your smile if you keep smoking, as it will not last.

4. Stop Drinking Coffee

Ah, coffee. Both a blessing and a curse. It gives you the boost you need in the morning, tastes amazing… And stains your teeth. If you are not ready to completely quit coffee for the sake of a nice smile, consider reducing your intake and even using a reusable straw to limit the damage.

3. Limit Your Wine Intake

Exactly what you did not want to see right after coffee, right? Unfortunately, wine will also turn your teeth yellow. Putting a straw in your glass of wine is a little less doable than in your cup of coffee. To prevent staining your teeth, we suggest limiting the frequency and volume of your wine consumption.

2. Brush 3 Times a Day

This one might seem obvious, yet many people skip on that 3rd time, only brushing their teeth in the morning and at night. For a shining smile, don’t be one of them.

1. Try a Whitening Pen

Here’s the trick! Whitening pens are very easy to use, effective and can be extremely affordable. Pick a brand that fits your budget and a formula that caters to your needs and fits your values: organic, natural, cruelty-free, ecological, etc. Follow the instructions and smile!

Source: Beauty Lab Science