A dog owner left a note for her neighbour, here was the response

The predominantly primary needs of animals often make their behaviour easily explainable, but they sometimes surprise us.


For almost a year, Kacy’s dog would go to the window three times a day to stare outside. The woman did not know why her dog adopted such a ritual, but did not particularly care.

1. Strange behaviour

Kacy thought at first that her dog just wanted to go outside, but every time she tried to get him out, he refused to go through the door and took his place in front of the window. This new behaviour began to worry the woman.

2. An unrecognizable dog

One afternoon like any other, her dog seemed depressed. He spent the day lying on the bed, refusing to change his mood and did not take his place at the window even once.

3. A worried mistress

This behaviour worried Kacy more than anything else, as she had never seen her dog in such a state before. That night, she slept next to him hoping he would get better the next day. She had also planned to take him to visit the vet to find the source of the problem.

4. The chip in the ear

Fortunately, the latter found nothing wrong with the dog’s health. Once home, the dog walked past the window and straight into the bedroom. This time, Kacy looked out the window and noticed something different.

5. More than just plants

Her neighbour had installed several houseplants in front of the window. But this could not be the source of his dog’s sadness… And then she noticed what or should we say who had captured her dog’s attention so much.

6. Surprise and astonishment

It was the cat from the neighbour in the window across the street! Although cats and dogs have a reputation for disagreement, the pair is clearly one of the exceptions. Kacy was very surprised… Her dog didn’t even like cats!

7. A letter to the post office

Kacy had never spoken to her neighbour across the street before, but she decided to write him a letter explaining the situation. She hoped that as an animal lover, he would understand the situation and want to help remedy it.

8. Hope and suspense

Kacy had been careful to be very detailed in the letter and to write it carefully. Her dog was still saddened, but perhaps not for long. Would the neighbour be sensitive to his misfortune even if he had never met the dog?

9. A more than perfect answer

The next morning, Kacy was delighted to see that her neighbour had not only removed the flowerpots that obstructed the view from her living room window, but had also responded to her letter with a simple and direct message: “For true love!”

10. A neighbour with a tender heart

Kacy’s neighbour knew how important the presence of his cat was to Kacy’s dog and he didn’t want to be the reason for his broken heart. Perhaps one day, the animals could finally meet to forge even stronger bonds!

11. Not the only exception

This example of love between cat and dog is not as rare as we think! The Internet is full of fascinating stories and touching photos illustrating the friendship between dog and cat.

12. Best friends

This cat and his best friend golden retriever are inseparable. They have the chance to live together and spend the day having fun, taking a nap and playing fashion models together.

13. Not a question of age

All kittens need a role model to follow, and it does not necessarily have to be another cat. For example, this dog does a very good job of raising this playful little cat. Playful kittens and mature and patient dogs are the perfect pair.

14. Dog-cat-dog

For this Siamese cat, one dog was not enough. Two dogs to snooze with is much better than one! See how happy he is to be at the center of the cutest sandwich in the world.

15. Love in show

This Japanese dog performs in the street almost daily. His best friend? A charming alley cat who can’t wait to join him and meows as a greeting as soon as her boyfriend arrives.

16. The story of a life

These two comrades huddled together were certainly made for each other. The dog’s name is Kodi and the cat’s name is Myshkin. Their tightly woven bond formed when Myshkin was barely 10 weeks old. Kodi even fought cancer at one point, and Myshkin was by his side every minute of the ordeal.

17. Double rescue

Ruth the cat and Idgie the dog were both abandoned. They were found together and were therefore adopted together! They bear the names of the famous friends of the film Fried Green Tomatoes, and now the two inseparable ones share a house and a cozy bed.

18. An eternal friendship

The love that this cat named Scout has for his friend Charlie never died, even after his sad death. Now Scout watches old videos of his old friend every night before bedtime.

19. Demonstrations of love

Every morning, this Dalmatian receives a big hug and a kiss from his friend the kitten! In all honesty, every day would be better if, before leaving home, we all received a hug from a charming little fur ball like this one!

Source: Honest Two Paws