Find Out How To Use Tea Bags Around The House

If you don't drink a lot of tea and you have accumulated a lot of tea bags at home, don't throw them out! Use them around the house.


Even though most people buy tea bags to make themselves a hot (or cold) cup of tea, know that you can also use them for daily household chores. You can use them to clean, you can use them to mask bad odours and you can use them during your beauty ritual. Find out exactly how you can use tea bags around the house!

1. For your eyes

Place two tea bags in cold water for a few minutes and then place them on your closed eyes to de-puff, eliminate redness and wake up your eyes. Your wrinkles will also appear smaller.

2. For your chapped lips

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Make your own DIY lip exfoliator by soaking a tea bag in hot water for a few minutes. Take it out of the water, wring it to remove the excess water and then gently scrub your lips to remove dead skin.

3. To clean your home

If you’re sick of using chemical-filled cleaning products, switch to homemade and environmentally friendly ones. Infuse a few tea bags in boiling water and then pour the tea into a spray bottle to clean your mirrors and windows.

4. For you blemishes

If you have sensitive skin and tend to react badly to drugstore beauty products, use cold green tea bags to clean your face. They are gentle enough for delicate skin.

5. In the car

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Tea bags smell good and are much less expensive than store bought car fresheners (and they last longer!). Put them in key spots like the glove compartment, under the passenger seat or behind the back seat headrests.

6. For your sunburns

Soothe your sunburns or other small lesions with cold tea bags. You can also use cold tea bags for irritated skin, eczema and insect bites.

7. Air freshener

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Instead of buying sprays and other air freshener gadgets, just use tea bags! Put them everywhere in your home: your closet, in your shoes, in your bathroom, anywhere you want!