Cute cats : these 40 photos are really cute and funny!

Some people love them, others hate them but no one can deny that these cats have done some pretty shameful things! These furry animals are not innocent.


Cats are cute and soft but sometimes they are also a bit evil and mischievous. Not convinced they are the pros of bad behaviour? Take a look at these hilarious cat shaming moments that prove that these felines are not always as innocent as they seem…

1. Speaking to the dead

Was he trying to bring Grandma back to life or was he just trying to find a midday snack and realized ashes aren’t as delicious as tuna in a can?

2. Lactose lover

This cat took a cue from the real experts of eating food off counters: dogs. What could be better than an unexpected human snack, right?

3. Daddy’s little girl

This cat is obsessed with her father and no one else can love him. She has a favourite and will do everything in her power to ensure her bond with her father is never broken by the other family members.

4. Opera superstar

Being woken up by something in the middle of the night is already bad but being woken up by your own meowing cat in the wee hours of the morning is definitely worse.

5. Haute cuisine

Who knew toilet paper was considered haute cuisine for some? Your feline friend enjoys this toilet delicacy with a passion!

6. Brotherly rivalry

Some siblings have a great relationship while others have an incredible rivalry that ends in tragedy. This cat has killed his fish brother with no mercy.

7. Knitting enthusiast

It is a known thing that cats enjoy chasing yarn around the house but this is the first time we hear of a cat eating yarn, pooping it and then chasing it again!

8. Runaway cat

What could be more stressful than the thought of losing your cat? Fortunately, this one was just hiding in the cabinet but he did not care about scaring the life out of his mother.

9. The shredder

Another delicacy cats really enjoy is tissue paper! They will rip it everywhere in the house and make piles and piles of the stuff for you to clean up day and night.

10. Pyromaniac

This cat obviously had a very clear agenda. A pyromaniac, he was probably hoping the oven would set on fire and burn everything in the house.

11. Computer science genius

Cats are so smart and conniving that they know how to use a computer! Don’t keep yours open if you have a feline friend (or should we say foe?) at home.

12. Gluttonous kitty

If you’re going to steal and eat half a pumpkin pie then you better make sure you don’t get sick and puke it all out afterwards! That’s just plain evil.

13. Grinchy feline

This is proof that cats don’t like to celebrate holidays like Christmas. They protest the holidays by eating the innocent plastic villagers that can’t even protect themselves.

14. Drinking like his doggy friend

Cats apparently also drink out of toilet bowls just like dogs do. Are there nutrients in toilet water we humans are missing out on?

15. Ruiner of desserts

“How convenient! A soft and nice-smelling round thing for me to step in! Humans are so nice sometimes.” Right.

16. My cat ate my homework

You hear horror stories of dogs eating people’s homework but this cat really takes the cake! How are you suppose to discipline your furball and let them know they ruined your hard work?

17. Mr. Licks-a-lot

We don’t want to be mean but this is extremely gross. Cats eat all sorts of things and they lick themselves everywhere so who knows what kind of bacteria lies on their little pink tongue?

18. Biting machine

You never know if your cat will like anyone (or even you for that matter). This cat hates all humans that don’t live in his home and will show it without holding back.

19. Frisky kitty

All we can think of saying is “eww!” but also, kitty, you might choke on that plastic tube!

20. Grade A stealer

Evil and unapologetic, this cat just steals hair ties and never cares about the consequences. And just to add fuel to the fire, he eats out of this poor woman’s cereal bowl too!

21. Bully

You try to make your pets become lifelong friends but they defy you and the bigger one pees on the smaller one. Cats are just plain evil.

22. Coward kitty

This cat thinks he’s hot stuff but in reality, he’s a fraud and coward and only picks up old roadkill to show his master. Don’t forget cats are far from being as feisty as tigers or lions.

23. The evilest cat in the world

Another great example of how evil cats really are! This is the most disgusting thing we’ve ever heard of! Bad kitty!

24. Poop does not equal a toy

This cat thinks it is funny to play around with its poop all over the house. Hopefully, he’s not a fan of the carpet or expensive fabric furniture!

25. One night stand gone wrong

One cat is enough to keep you busy for the rest of your life but this one wanted to push her luck and see how you would react to her having 5 babies for you to take care of!

26. High off catnip

Cats love catnip but this one went a little bit overboard and sniffed the whole thing. He looks like an extra from Pineapple Express!

27. Attention seeker

This cat has a serious problem. We were convinced all cats were extremely clean but clearly, this one didn’t get the memo.

28. Who said cats didn’t like water?

Trying to catch a fish, were you? Ha! Instead of the catch of the day, you got a shower little kitty!

29. Farting machine

Pure evil. Cat farts are even worse than human ones. This poor woman’s house must be slowly getting intoxicated by her evil pet.

30. Voyeuristic and not afraid to show it

First of all, why don’t you close the door to the bathroom, you silly human? And secondly, this cat has a serious problem.

31. Bullying his own kind

When you’re out in the wild, it is ok to steal someone else’s food since it’s your only chance of surviving. However, if you live in a cozy home, you should be nice and not steal your roommate’s food.

32. Indulger of human food

Just because they look like fish, it doesn’t mean you can steal them and eat the whole bag, kitten!

33. Cats = money draining machines

Getting a cat will be fun they say, cats are cuddly and cute they say, cats have no mean streak in them they say, yeah right.

34. Ganging up on humans

They might look innocent but these two are obviously plotting to take over this house by eliminating one human at a time. Beware.

35. Sneaky and gross

This is proof that cats enjoy torturing humans with their evil doings.

36. Lazy Larry

Cats are supposed to be the cleanest pets since they do their business in their litterbox without you training them beforehand…Except for this cat apparently.

37. Don’t share any food with this feline

Do cats do this kind of thing on purpose or do they just do it without thinking of the consequences of their actions? We wouldn’t share any food with this cat!

38. Bada** kitty cat

Whoever thoughts cats weren’t tough were clearly wrong. This kitty is not scared of beating up a dog twice his size.

39. Cloudy fishbowl

At least, this cat kept his barf off the new carpet or the fabric furniture! Hopefully, fishie survived this avalanche of puke!

40. Daredevil with nothing to lose

This kitty isn’t evil because he obviously didn’t know Advil was not cat food. We do wonder how he was able to open the bottle even humans have trouble opening.

Source: Give it Love