[Photos] The Stars With The Longest Career, One of Them Is 105 Years Old!

Young celebrities are often mentioned in fashion magazines, but rarely more mature stars. Here are some of them who have had an impressive career!


Some celebrities you think are dead or retired are still alive and still doing the job they love. In fact, some of Hollywood’s greatest living legends are still very fit, energetic and sublime even as they grow older. Find some of your favorite stars of yesteryear in the following article!

1. Sally Struthers, 71 years old

Most notably, actress Sally Struthers is remembered for her role as Gloria Stivic in the successful television series All in the Family. Now 71 years old, Struthers still plays on television, in movies, and in plays. In addition to her many roles, Struthers advocates on behalf of poor children around the world and is the spokesperson for the ChildFund and the International Correspondence Schools.

2. Johnny Crawford, 72 years old

Many famous American musicians made their debut in the industry as child artists playing the Mouseketeers in Disney’s The Mickey Mouse Club; take Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake for example. Of course, it’s the most recent, but the older generation grew up with another Mouseketeers, Johnny Crawford. He also played a young boy in the western series, The Rifleman, which made him known for his acting skills. After a long career as an actor, musician and singer with successful singles, Crawford now leads a life as a retiree, but he can sometimes be seen on the red carpet.

3. Sophia Loren, 84 years old

Sophia Loren may be an actress from Italy, but it is in America, more precisely in Hollywood where she has become an icon of the industry. She made history with the Oscars in 1961 when she became the first artist to win an academic award with a foreign-language film. She won the Best Actress Award for the Italian film Two Women. With millions in her bank account, retirement investments were certainly not in the actress’s mind when she was younger. Loren has a reported net worth of $75 million.

4. Julie Kavner, 68 years old

Julie Kavner may not be a familiar name for the younger generation, but she has been entertaining us all since she started playing in the 1970s. She first played in a TV series called Rhoda that made her instantly noticeable. She then turned to the vocal theatre with the popular animation show The Simpsons. Yes, the unforgettable voice of Marge Simpson and her twin sisters was provided by Julie.

5. Prince Philip, 97 years old

Did you know that Prince Philip was a true prince even before he married Elizabeth II, the Queen of England? Yes, he may be the Queen’s husband now, but Philip was born into royal families in Greece and Denmark. At 97 years of age, Prince Philip still looks very fit, accompanying the Queen at royal receptions and events.

6. Betty White, 96 years old

Betty’s career began with small radio jobs in the 1940s because film studio executives said she was not photogenic enough. Although not very credible, this story is true. Now White holds the record for the longest career of a female artist on television, and the actress shows no sign of a retirement plan in place. When the concerns of most people of her age are health care and medical insurance, White’s concerns are mainly memorizing scripts for movies and television shows where she will appear.

7. Katharine Ross, 78 years old

Who could forget Katharine Ross’ face? She has starred in 3 of the most memorable Hollywood films of all time – The Graduate, Butch Cassidy, and the Sundance Kid, and The Stepford Wives. Of the 3 films mentioned, Elaine Robinson’s role in The Graduate is probably her most emblematic and remarkable role of all time. From time to time, she still makes a few appearances on television shows, but she has mostly retired from the theatre industry. She currently leads a quiet life with her husband for 33 years, actor Sam Elliot.

8. Stuart Damon, 81 years old

A veteran of the Broadway scene and television shows, Stuart Damon is not a face you can forget. And what a dedication to his profession, because for 30 years he had been describing the role of Dr. Alan Quartermaine, Sr. in the long-term television program, General Hospital. In 1999, he received an Emmy for the same role. Although they killed his character, his colleagues were very upset about his hasty dismissal. That’s probably why he was brought back as a ghost on the TV show!

9. Billy Dee Williams, 81 years old

Actor Billy Dee Williams will always be known to Star Wars fans as Lando Calrissian, a character who was first seen in The Empire Strikes Back when it was shown in 1980. Nevertheless, the actor is also a musician and released in 1961 a jazz disc entitled Let’s Misbehave, a renowned painter whose works are exhibited in various art galleries, and has appeared in other films such as Mahogany, Brian’s Song and Batman in 1989. Williams is now 81 years old, and he continues to paint and play in movies – he will be reviewed in Star Wars: Episode IX.

10. Dick Van Dyke, 92 years old

The beloved star of the film Mary Poppins, Dick Van Dyke, is 92 years old and still in great shape. Did you know that he narrowly escaped a life-threatening situation at the age of 87? His car apparently caught fire and he was rescued from the wreck in no time. We know that with millions in net worth, a health care plan or medical insurance has been put in place in case medical emergencies occur for the famous actor.

11. Hal Holbrook, 93 years old

Hal Holbrook is one of Hollywood’s finest actors, and he caught the attention of the theatre industry when he performed Mark Twain in his solo play. His great acting prowess can be supported by the many acting awards he has won during his long acting career, both on stage and in film and television. We are not sure if Holbrook has retirement investments, but its multi-million dollar net worth allows him to retire comfortably.

12. Queen Elizabeth II, 92 years old

When King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand died in 2016, Queen Elizabeth II became the longest reigning monarch in the world. Elizabeth II has been Queen of England since 1952, making her reign a total of 64 years. Being a queen certainly has its advantages, it has been reported that Queen Elizabeth’s current net worth is $600 million, so certainly, health care and medical insurance are the least of her concerns.

13. Eva Marie Sainte, 94 years old

The career of actress Eva Marie Saint is actually very long, she has been in the business since the late 1940s, and her most important role was in the film On the Waterfront, where she played with Hollywood icon Marlon Brando. It is also the film that earned Saint his Oscar trophy for best-supporting actress. Retirement investments are not something Saint needed to worry about before he became an older person, because his acting career has provided the actress with the financial security she now has.

14. Jackie Mason, 87 years old

Jackie Mason is well known in the world of comedy and American stand-up. Over his long career, Mason has raised millions of dollars in his bank account to make his retirement comfortable. We are confident that the comedian’s health plan is in place, especially given his age.

15. Ann Blyth, 90 years old

The face of the beautiful actress Ann Blyth honored both the theatre stage and the cinema screen. His most famous role in the film was to play Veda Pierce Forrester in the film Mildred Pierce, with the legendary Hollywood actress Joan Crawford in her mother’s title role. The actress is already retired and relaxing in her house.

16. Dean Stockwell, 82 years old

Dean Stockwell may be well-known to fans of the TV series Quantum Leap, but the actor has been acting since the age of 7. He represented Gregory Peck’s son in the film Gentleman’s Agreement. His last interim job was in 2015, but we are almost certain that retirement investments are not something the actor thought of because he has accumulated decent savings in his bank account during his many years of interim employment.

17. Sidney Poitier, 91 years old

Sidney Poitier is a famous Hollywood actor, but one of the things for which he is most famous is to be the first African-American actor to win an Academy Award for the film Lilies of the Field. When retirement investments are one of the many things that people worry about before they become seniors, Poitier, on the other hand, is concerned about the films he has made and produced. With a large bank account like Poitier’s, money is certainly not a problem.

18. Carl Reiner, 96 years old

Carl Reiner has many talents, he plays, sings, writes and directs. These people close in age to Reiner know him for his acting work with Dick Van Dyke and Mel Brooks, but for the younger generation, he is Saul of the Ocean’s Eleven film franchise. Although his retirement as an actor is not permanent, Reiner is involved in political matters. It is common for people of Reiner’s age to need a health plan or medical insurance, but since its current net worth is $70 million, a large hospital bill will certainly not be a problem for him.

19. Lloyd Price, 85 years old

Nicknamed “Mr. Personality”, for his hit song Personality, Lloyd began his musical career as an altar boy, singing the praise of the Lord at his local church. His first recorded single, Lawdy Miss Clawdy, was a resounding success and earned him many fans and other career opportunities. But in 1954, he chose to join the army and was sent to Korea. Upon his return, he realized that the R&B scene, as he knew it, had changed and that he now had a lot of competition. For a long time, he struggled to release his music, but he eventually helped to perfect the New Orleans Beat and quickly produced some great hits. Since the 1990s, he has played with other Blues legends and then retired to live a quiet life with his wife in New York.

20. Julie Gibson, 105 years old

We have many older actors and actresses who are living legends… stars who have been entertaining us since the days of the black and white film industry. Of course, none is older than Julie Gibson who turned 105 in September 2018. This golden age star was also a well-known singer and happens to be the last remaining actress of the classic film The Three Stooges. She then starred in films such as Bowery Buckaroos, Lucky Cowboy and Chick Carter, Detective. Nowadays, we don’t know much about Julie who hasn’t been spotted by the public for decades. We just hope she is healthy and looking forward to being 106 years old!