Hilarious Construction Fails That’ll Make You Look Twice

It is not easy to do renovations or plumbing, which is why many people deal with construction contractors. Here are some amazing construction mistakes!


Many people hire construction contractors to help them renovate their homes. There is usually no reason to worry about this type of professional. However, there are people who work in construction jobs and who may benefit from finding another job. Here are some hilarious construction mistakes that will make you look twice rather than once!

1. A second unnecessary garage

A car enthusiast’s dream is to be rich enough to own a double garage: it seems that these people are a little ahead of everyone else. Admittedly, it must be said that their second garage is not really useful to them since the bridge does not go there…

2. A ladder in safety

There are a few rules when it comes to climbing a ladder. Make sure you have someone watching you, be careful of slippery surfaces and, when screwing on a long metal pipe, make sure you don’t start in the middle of the ladder. There is no other way out than a mistake like this. We understand how easy it is to make this kind of mistake, but why did no one arrest the person responsible for it? We are still wondering about that.

3. Showering is sometimes complicated

One of the most important things we have learned since we were children is the importance of taking a good shower every day. Some showers are too hot, others too cold. You may not have enough water pressure. Good luck with finding the perfect temperature. Really, it’s a matter of compromise. You need to find out what works for you and when you need to get underwater. Imagine when you have so many faucets handles in your shower. The task then becomes even more complex.

4. Some training is needed

The workers on this site were on the right track when they decided to repair this railway, but someone made a pretty huge mistake.

5. The first time you play SimCity

This game is incredibly addictive. For all aspiring architects (or urban planners for the most ambitious), it is an excellent way to get your hands dirty and get an idea of how to build a city.

We learn a lot of life lessons like “don’t put a nuclear power plant next to a daycare center” and “make sure everyone has running water”, but what every builder learns quickly is that your first test will certainly not go as planned.

6. In case Santa needs to take a shortcut

Although Santa Claus only comes through our chimneys once a year, we suspect that he must know the way to get to our Christmas tree.

7. Water conservation

Being a plumber is an extremely difficult job, so if you don’t know what you’re doing, you should probably hire a professional. Even professionals can make mistakes.

8. A point was raised

If you are reading this and have no idea what it means, it is time to open a book. Or a Kindle. Or simply go to Wikipedia. Not only does this highlight the importance of patience, but it is also an incredible lesson in finding a good deal. People often worry about getting the job done as quickly as possible, but they don’t realize what can happen when you rush things.

9. When great minds meet

“When I zigzagged, you should have zigzagged.” We can only imagine that this is what the conversation will be about because there is not much to say at the moment. We mean, didn’t you see it coming a few yards before it came to this?

We’re not saying that building in the water is easy, but unless the waves have moved things a little more (maybe? it doesn’t sound too crazy), someone has really ruined everything.

10. To make new friends

This is why there are never expectations in men’s toilets: no one wants to use these urinals.

11. We can’t handle this problem

Sometimes the simplest repair can be the most frustrating. Why do people invest in these types of door handles? A simple spherical handle works just as well unless you have a constantly slippery hand.

12. That’s not how it works

One of the first and most important lessons they teach in construction is to measure twice and cut once, but it is not as easy to measure the size of a set when you miss it.

13. When the contractor decides to ignore the architect’s plans


There are many times in life when improvisation seems to work. It wasn’t one of those times. This is exactly what happens when your contractor decides not to follow the plan and improvise. The only problem is when it doesn’t work and you end up with a big concrete pillar blocking a staircase, making it useless.