Oprah’s House Is Absolutely Gorgeous! Take A Look Inside

Oprah is one of the most famous and loved public figures in the world. Take a look at her beautiful $90 million home in California!


Oprah Winfrey is one of the most generous and amazing humans on earth but even though she is a (very) public figure, she still keeps herself out of the public eye. If you are curious to see how Oprah lives, take a look at her $90 million house in Southern California!

1. The community of Montecito

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Oprah’s home is located in one of the wealthiest communities in the United States: Montecito in Southern California in Santa Barbara. The town is located between the Santa Ynez Mountain and the Pacific Ocean.

2. Dream house

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Oprah’s dream house belonged to an aeronautical equipment manufacturing giant, Robert Veloz, and his wife. The house was not for sale but she offered a cheque to the owners for $52 million. This was one of the biggest sales of a private home in the United States.

3. A castle for a queen


The grounds of the estate were first built in 1912. This Georgian style house cover around 23,000 square feet. The house includes 14 bathrooms, 6 bedrooms, and 10 fireplaces. There is also a home theater and a wine cellar as well as gorgeous gardens.

4. Home sweet home


Bob Veloz sold the house to Oprah! She was incredibly happy.

5. The pool


The incredible pool is perfect for a relaxing afternoon in the summertime.

6. Library

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You might not know this but Oprah has an international book club. She needed a big bookshelf to store all her books.

7. Foyer


This sunny and welcoming foyer is the main entrance hall to her home. There’s a beautiful banister that curves around. As you can see, Oprah enjoys showing off her family and loved ones with tons of picture frames.

8. Kitchen


Oprah loves to cook, especially with her homegrown veggies. The kitchen had a fireplace included but Oprah decided to remove it so she could have more space for guests.

9. Reading room

Michel Arnaud/Oprah.com

This cozy room is perfect for curling up on the couch and reading a book. Oprah doesn’t still play with dolls but she loves her doll that reflects her own skin colour.

10. Guest room

Michel Arnaud/Oprah.com

If you’re lucky enough to be friends with the queen of daytime television then you will get to stay in this room. This room almost smells like an English rose garden! We bet the bed is extremely comfortable.

11. Living room

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What we love about Oprah’s home is that every room is very different. This checkered room looks like a great place for a cup of coffee and a chat with a friend.

12. Living room #2


This is the second living room. Why only have one living room when you can have two?

13. Dining room


This is a great place for huge dinner parties. With 10 places, Oprah can invite all her friends over for a delicious meal.

14. Tearoom


What a lovely room! This room has so much light and is a great place to enjoy nature while staying inside. Oprah loves to enjoy a cup of tea here.

15. Garden

Michel Arnaud/Oprah.com

This is the other side of the tearoom so you can imagine the beautiful view from the room. Oprah can take a walk in her flower-filled garden for hours on end.

16. Walk-in closet


This is Oprah’s closet! All her clothes and accessories are arranged by colour and everything seems to be incredibly organized.

17. Guesthouse

Michel Arnaud/Oprah.com

If you love Oprah’s home, you can thank Andrew Walker and David Simmons who designed the interior. This giant penny comes from an antique sale in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

18. Hallelujah Lane


This Biblical themed outdoor pathway in her garden is incredibly romantic and gorgeous. We absolutely love the Sombreuil roses that fill this angelic path.

19. Garden statues


These bronzer statues were fashioned by Costa Rican artist and sculptor Francisco Zúñiga in 1974. Oprah loves art and these statues represent the different stages of life in femininity.

20. Garden


Oprah has a very large garden with very old trees. She has 12 California live oak trees spread around her property. Oprah named the trees her Twelve Apostles.

21. Seamair Farm

Architectural Digest

Oprah made sure to become friends with her neighbour. Unfortunately, her neighbour died and her family hoped Oprah would take over the property. Oprah did purchase it and has taken great care of it.

22. Ranch


Oprah now has her own equestrian area. She has stables, two natural wells, and an expertly-trimmed riding course.

23. Vegetable garden


Oprah loves to show off her vegetable garden. She loves to grow her own produce, however, the environmental conditions in California are getting worse and worse because of droughts.

Source: Finance101