LGBT Celebs Who Are Couples

Love is a wonderful thing everyone hopefully will experience at least once in their life. Here are our favourite LGBT celebrity couples.


The LGTB community has dealt with a lot of negativity and persecution over the years. It wasn’t so long ago that gay men and lesbian women were illegal and had to sneak around to see their lover. Thankfully, most of the planet now accepts and embraces the LGBT community. It also helps that many of our favourite celebrities are out and proud! Here are some of our favourite gay and lesbian celebrity couples!

1. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi

These two are the most famous lesbian couple in Hollywood! They started dating in 2004 and tied the knot 4 years later.

2. Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

Couple goals alert! These two secretly dated for years before making their relationship official in 2014. They have twins and are now one of Hollywood’s favourite couples.

3. Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli

These two met while working on the set of Orange is the New Black and are now inseparable. They got married in 2017 and live a beautiful and happy life together.

4. Jodie Foster and Alexandra Hedison

Jodie Foster has been happily married with Alexandra Hedison, a director, artist and teacher since 2014. Alexandra Hedison and Ellen DeGeneres used to date before Jodie came in the picture.

5. Cara Delevingne and Annie Clark

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Model Cara Delevingne and singer Annie Clark (known as St. Vincent) were together for a bit. This caused quite a frenzy in the fashion world.

6. Michael Sam and Vito Cammisano

It is still extremely difficult for professional athletes to come out, even today. When NFL star, Michael Sam, kissed his boyfriend Vito Cammisano, he did it in front of all the cameras. Even though they aren’t together anymore, this was a great moment for gay athletes.

7. Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor

Sarah Paulson, who is in her 40s, is in a relationship with actress Holland Taylor who’s 74 years old. Age is no issue for this couple.

8. Jenna Lyons and Courtney Crangi

Fashion designer Jenna Lyons was married to a man before starting her relationship with Courtney Crangi. They started dating in 2011 but split in 2017.

9. Kendrell Bowman And Anthony Wayne

These two lovebirds met while working on the musical You Make Me Feel Mighty Real: A Sylvester Concert. They have been together ever since.

10. Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita

Jesse Tyler Ferguson has been married to Justin Mikita since 2013. When they got married, they asked their guests to donate money to the charity Tie the Knot instead of receiving gifts.

11. George Takei and Brad Altman

Star Trek star George Takei is almost 80 years old but it’s never too late to come out. He told the world he was gay in 2008 and was in a relationship with actor Brad Altman.

12. Lance Bass and Michael Turchin

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N’Sync’s Lance Bass revealed to the world he was gay in 2006. Lance has been happily married to the actor and painter Michael Turchin since 2014.

13. Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni

Sex and the City star, Cynthia Nixon was first married to a man but fell in love and started dating Christine Marinoni, an education activist.

14. Elton John and David Furnish

Singer Elton John and director David Furnish met in 1993 and have been together ever since. They got married when England and Wales legalised same-sex marriage.

15. Tom Ford and Richard Buckley

It was love at first sight for fashion designer Tom Ford and fashion journalist Richard Buckley. They have been together since 1986 and got married in 2014.

16. Wanda Sykes and Alex Sykes

Wanda Sykes came out in 2008 and a few months after, she married Alex Niedbalski. Wanda was first married to a man but fell in love with this woman of French descent.

17. Michael Kors and Lance Lepere

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Michael Kors is one of the most famous fashion designers. Lance Lepere was his intern and they have known each other since 1990. They got married in 2011 and have been inseparable ever since.

18. Jillian Michaels and Heidi Rhoades

The Biggest Loser host Jillian Michaels was married to her talent manager Heidi Rhoades for a few years but now they have split. However, they are on very good terms now.

19. Jim Parsons and Todd Spiewak

Jim Parsons is everyone’s favourite The Big Bang Theory character. Jim Parsons and Todd Spiewak were together for 15 years before they got married.

20. Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner

Lily Tomlin has been in the entertainment industry since the 60s. Lily Tomlin met writer Jane Wagner in 1971 and they tied the knot in 2013.

21. Melissa Etheridge and Linda Wallem

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These two have been married since 2014. They were best friends and got married in 2014 after developing a more intimate relationship throughout the years.

22. Ellen Page and Samantha Thomas

Ellen Page is famous for her role in the film Juno. She came out in 2014 and is now with surfer and artist Samantha Thomas.

23. RuPaul and Georges LeBar

RuPaul is a superstar in the drag queen world. He tied the knot in 2017 with his boyfriend, a painter from Australia.

24. Cheyenne Jackson and Jason Landau

These two publicly announced they were dating in 2013. They got married a year later and now have twins.

25. Robin Roberts and Amber Laign

Robin Roberts is one of America’s favourite morning television hosts and only announced her sexuality in 2013. She kept her relationship with Amber Laign secret for at least 8 years.

26. Chely Wright and Lauren Blitzer

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A country music singer, Chely Wright, was one of the first country singers to come out as gay back in 2010. She married Lauren Blitzer, an advocate of LGBT rights.

27. Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry

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Sara Gilbert is known for her role in Roseanne. She shared with the world she was a lesbian in 2010 and is now with the frontwoman of the band 4 Non Blondes.

28. Barry Manilow and Garry Kief

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Both Barry Manilow and Garry Kief used to be in relationships with women but got married in 2014 and have known each other since 1978.

29. Alan Cummings and Grant Shaffer

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Actor Alan Cummings has been happily married to the graphic artist Grant Shaffer since 2012.

30. Raven-Symoné and AzMarie Livingston

Raven is a famous child and teen actress who has appeared on Sesame Street and The Cosby Show. Raven was in a relationship with singer, actress and model AzMarie Livingston. They now have split and Raven does not want to be labelled by her sexuality.

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