[Pics] Only Seen at Walmart: These Shoppers Gone Wild!

Walmart is known to attract all kinds of people, including many shoppers gone wild.


Walmart is an ecosystem of its own. With its low prices and multiple departments, almost anything can be found within its walls from electronics to groceries, to home goods, to the strangest kind of people. Here are some of the most peculiar cases of Walmart shoppers gone wild.

23. Hey, it’s leashed

Walmart has no pet bans that we are aware of. This turtle owner certainly took note of that and say no problem bringing her little friend along for some shopping. And frankly, neither do we.

22. A strange tail

We don’t know if this man is a furry or just in need of some serious good luck, but one thing is for sure, it takes a lot of courage to wear something out of the box out in public.

21. Gender fluidity at its best

Now, this is one cool old person who isn’t scared to be themselves in public. It’s so important to be your raw and authentic self. That is one uncommon look, but we can’t say he didn’t pull it off.

20. Lizard lady

Remember what we said about Walmart’s none existing pet regulations? Well this lizard owner probably faced with a “please don’t leave me” pet situation decided to make the most of it.

19. Tchou-tchou

We don’t know if all the members of this family really are disable or just lazy, but they found a way to stick together.

18. Pushy Child

Is this a case of bad parenting or just a fun mom joking around with her kids, we might never know. But we have to admit that this child is quite strong. We just hope this is not some kind of twisted punishment and that the kid is smiling and playing around.

17. Faux Fashion

This one made us laugh, but we also found it to be somewhat creative as well. We don’t know if this is satire or if someone played a prank on this lady. She definitely isn’t fooling anyone, but we give her props for trying.

16. Monkey Business

Here is yet another case of strange animals shopping at Walmart. Just by looking at this guy we can understand why she didn’t want to leave him home alone. He’s cute, and that warrants bringing him everywhere.

15. What’s what

We aren’t really sure what type of look this guy was going for, but either way, he’s got it all wrong. Here’s a picture of a guy with his extremely long shirt tucked into his gym shorts.

14. It’s a miracle!

You and I would both be lying if we said we never questioned the people who ride around in those electric shopping carts. If this woman was trying to convince people that she was handicapped, she definitely wasn’t doing a good job.

13. Sneaking out

This is somewhat… Interesting. This woman decided to turn her sneakers into what we’d like to call sneaker sandals. We have to give her points for her efforts to reuse.

12. Meat Me There

Well, if you were in need of some motivation to go vegetarian, you have found it. This certainly makes you want to skip the meat isle…

11. Holy Hair

There’s no way these dreadlocks didn’t make it into the Guinness World Book of Record’s for the world’s longest and thickest dreads. If not, the title holder may have some serious competition.

10. Real Life Thriller

We don’t know what’s more disturbing. That fact that this woman seems to have omitted to wear bottoms or the fact that Michael Jackson is holding her shopping cart.

9. Mister Easter

Our guess is that Easter came early this year. We’d like to think that he did it for the kids because otherwise this outfit is a little ridiculous.

8. Crack Me Up

Who has time to line up for a fitting room, or even to get there. Time is money people.

7. Ferret on the loose

In the category Bizarre Animals Spotted at Walmart, the latest addition is this he ferret looking to be rather placid while being wheeled around Walmart. Considering all the strange occurrences that happen in this store, the other shoppers didn’t seem to be phased by this strange pet.

6. A Bug’s Life

As far as Walmart fashion goes, we aren’t worried about the off-the-shoulder tie dye shirt and the large hold hair bow, but the stuffed centipede on her leg is a little strange. However, to each their own.

5. Mission Accomplished

With a shirt like this, we are sure he can. One may say that this woman has a lot of pent up anger and frustration. But no matter her reason for sporting such a shirt, we have to admit it does the job.

4. Return Of The Mask

Who has time to sit at home for 30 minutes in the name of beauty when you have errands to run. We have to admit, this one is not out of the realm of the things we would consider doing ourselves.

3. In the nude

What you do in your own home is your business. If you want to wear clothes, great. If you don’t, great. However, it’s not socially acceptable to go into public without any clothes… Even at Walmart.

2. Fancy Shmancy

Save on weddings photographers. Just head to Walmart. This couple decided to take the less expensive route and hit the photobooth for $4. As strange as it may be to see while doing some casual shopping, we hope this couple lives happily ever after.

1. That’s just bad

We have seen all types of parents and kids in Walmart throughout our lives, but this one is just straight up dangerous. The mother of this child seems completely unbothered by the fact that her child has a plastic bag over their head. Hopefully, someone said something.

Source: Daily Stuff