Simple Tips To Reduce Strong Odors

Bad smells from food can be unpleasant. Here are a few simple tips to reduce the smell of food in a house.


If you live in a small place, even the lightest odors can be a big problem. The way your apartment is built can greatly influence the smells that stay there or not. If your dwelling is small and enclosed, you can not do anything against the smell of bacon or sea food. You may love these foods, but after a day, you get sick of the smell of bacon. Here are some tips to control bad smells. Beyond lighting a few candles or opening a window, you can try these ways to goodbye of persistent bad odors.

4. Brewing Coffee.


No matter what you have prepared in your kitchen, the smell of coffee is powerful, especially that of crushed coffee!

3. Turn your oven into a deodorizer

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There is a reason why realtors make cookies before people come to visit a house. Cooking cookies is a quick way to replace a detestable odor for the delectable one of a dessert. If you do not have biscuits in hand, you can preheat your oven to 200 degrees and then turn it off and leave a baking sheet with a teaspoon of butter, sugar and cinnamon on a piece of paper. ‘aluminum. Leave the mixture in your oven for a few hours and the scent will take care of the bad odor. You can also cook apple cores or banana peels at the same temperature.

2. Soak cotton balls in vanilla extract

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Take some cotton balls, soak them in vanilla extract, then place them around your kitchen.

1. Boil Cloves

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If you have cloves, try boiling them on your stove for a quick fix. You can get a similar effect from cinnamon sticks, lemons or oranges.