This Graphic Designer’s Photoshop Results Will Make Your Day

When people asked James Fridman to photoshop their pictures, they didn't realize he would take requests literally and create hilarious results!


Sometimes photoshop can really help to make a picture look better. For example, it can remove wrinkles, strange objects in backgrounds and even people! However, graphic designer and photoshop wiz, James Fridman, takes photoshop requests literally and turns normal pictures into hilarious results!

1. Sitting at opposite ends

The woman wanted James to make her and her husband look like they were in the centre of the bench instead of on the edge. Well, they aren’t on the edge anymore!

2. Orangutan arms

This teenager wanted to have bigger arms… and that’s exactly what James did! He took his request literally and created a photo of a half man half orangutan.

3. Cherry on the sundae

This nice picture of these three girls is a bit ruined because of the bald man in the bottom left corner. James did camouflage the baldy… with an ice cream cone! Yum!

4. Chicken angel

This girl wanted to look like an angel so she asked James for wings. James decided this girl was not clear enough in her request so he gave her another kind of wings… tasty ones!

5. Grateful

When you have a crush on a boy, it is normal to want to send him a cute picture of yourself. This girl wanted to look grater than her friend with black shoes. She does now look like a grater!

6. Big smile

She wanted her sister to show her teeth while smiling. James made sure the girl was showing her teeth. Who knew this girl had dentures?

7. Hairless boyfriend

This girl wanted James to hide her boyfriend’s armpit hair. James made the boyfriend look much cooler with a Muppet character. The hair is, indeed, no longer a problem.

8. Magical kiss

Romantic kisses at Disney World are on many couple’s bucket list. Unfortunately, this girl decided to keep her eyes open for the picture and it ruined the mood. James fixed her open eyes. Much better.

9. Choose your words wisely

Nobody wants a trash can or a party prop behind them in a picture. She wanted James to edit the picture so these two items wouldn’t be behind her. So, obviously, James put the items in front of this young lady!

10. Work those angles

She wanted her cheekbones to pop more with some highlighter. James might not be too familiar with makeup highlighter since he decided to highlight her entire face with a pen highlighter!

11. Holding hands

The man standing up on the left asked James to photoshop the picture so it wouldn’t look like he was holding hands with his friend sitting down. He’s definitely not holding hands with him anymore. Hope his foot isn’t too stinky.

12. Richy rich

She asked James to make her boyfriend “rich”. Most of us understood rich as in wealthy but you can never be too sure, right? He does look like a Richard!

13. Time flies

These two teenagers wanted to look cool and older so they asked James to make them look older and photoshop them at a party. They sure do look older and seem really happy at this birthday party!

14. 3 for the price of 1

Profile pictures are important for first impressions. The guy in the blue shirt wanted everyone who saw his picture to know who he was. No one will be confused with the photoshop fix.

15. A dab-free world

Her prom picture is ruined by her date’s dabbing dance move. James fixed that. No more dabbing.

16. Kardashian look alike

Be careful what you ask for. The Kardashians aren’t only women! You can’t forget about poor little Rob. She shot herself in the foot when she wrote “any of them”.

17. Brotherly love

There’s nothing nicer than siblings that get along! These brothers asked James to photoshop the picture so they would be wearing the same t-shirt. Boys, sometimes you have to be more specific.

18. Smaller is not always better

Everyone wants the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend picture to show off to the world. This girl asked James to make her boyfriend’s head look smaller. Sometimes, photoshop is not the answer.

19. Liftoff

Again, people need to be more specific when requesting to be photoshopped. “Space” can mean many things. We obviously knew she meant outer space but you can never be too sure, right?

20. Shape of things

Everyone would love to change a thing or two about their appearance. However, when you ask photoshop wiz James Fridman to make your head look less round, you know he will make you realize that your appearance wasn’t so bad after all.

21. Graduation gift

This recent graduate should have chosen a better place for his graduation picture. When he asked James to photoshop his car out for something more expensive, he was thinking more of a BMW or a Ferrari! Not student loans.

22. Hand-free selfie

This young woman regrets taking a selfie with her hand in front of her face and asked James to remove it. However, he thought it would be useful with the new background he added. Hold on tight!

23. Scary Teletubbies

This was already a funny photo and request but James decided to go in another direction and make Teletubbies the scary thing. They were always slightly terrifying.

24. Three’s company

One best friend is fine but two is too many for some. The girl in the middle asked James to photoshop the picture so she would be looking at her friend on the left. A mirror was the obvious solution.

25. Polish or Polish?

Again, certain words have two or more meanings. This young man wanted James to make him look cooler to impress the ladies. Maybe this photoshopped picture will impress the traditional Polish ladies of the world?

Source: IcePop