10 Shoe Hacks Feets Will Love <3

When it comes to shoes, there is nothing a little DIY can't fix. Discover clever easy ways to take care of smell, blisters and more, because you don't have to spend a lot of money nor energy to resolve the little shoe problems of life that can make a big difference in your everyday comfort. Save money, treat your favourite shoes right with these simple life-changing hacks.


A recent study states that the average woman spends approximately 25, 000$ on shoes during her lifespan. Think it’s a lot? So do we, and we perfectly know that quite a few women spend double that amount and more on things they wear on their feet. So, from preventing blisters to cleaning your white sneakers you thought would never look new again, make sure to make the most of that money without spending an extra penny by using a few clever tricks.

These genius shoe fixes will save your life, or at least your shoes. Discover how to spare your feet and give your favourite shoes a second life in a matter of minutes. Never throw away a pair of shoes that you still love because they look worn out or suffer through a night out because your new pumps are hurting you!

10. Clean sneaker scuffs with an eraser

All you need to make your sneaker’s soles looking as new is an eraser. Simply scrub the dirt away. No eraser? Clean your white soles with toothpaste to achieve the same results.

9. Stretch shoes in the freezer

If your heels, flats or sneakers are too tight and giving you blisters, fill a plastic bag halfway with water and place it the shoes in question. Then put the pair in the freezer. The water will turn into ice and expend stretching out your shoes.

8. Shop smartly

Avoid buying a pair that seems to fit perfectly but turns out to be a real torture if worn out to dinner or after a long day at work by shoe shopping at night. Your feet get swollen at the end of the day, by trying on shoes at night, you’ll make sure that they will fit confortable any time of the day.

7. Bread for suede

No joke. Bread will remove stains from your suede shoes. Doesn’t have to be bagels, any kind will do. Just rub it on and be amazed.

6. Waterproof DIY

Waterproof your canvas shoes on a budget and in seconds by rubbing them with a candle and drying them with a blowdryer.

5. Save wet leather

Here is the leather shoes equivalent of putting your photo in rice. If you ever get caught by the rain wearing your favorite leather shoes, fill them with newspaper. It will absorb the moisture and save your shoes.

4. Lip balm to prevent blisters

Forget about uncritical and anesthetic plasters to protect your tortured feet and blistered skin. Just apply lip balm on the region where your shoes are rubbing to prevent it all.

3. Don’t sink in the grass

Never refrain from rocking your favorite stilettos to a garden party or an outdoor wedding thanks to these magical little add-ons that will prevent the heels from sinking into the grass.

2. Tea bags for odors

Got stinky shoes? Get rid of the smell by placing two dry tea bags inside problematic pairs. They will absorb the odor and get rid of the problem.

1. Or use baby powder

If you don’t have tea bags or the time to let them work their magic, just sprinkle a little baby powder inside your shoes for immediate odor relief.

Source: Buzzfeed