20 Tips That Will Make Your Parenting Life Much Easier!

It is not always easy to be a parent. Fortunately, some tips can help you on a daily basis. Here are some of them to discover right now.


It’s no secret: being a parent is far from easy. It is difficult to raise, care for and support a very small human being. Therefore, the least we can do is help each other to make things a little easier. Here are some tips and tricks that parents have developed. While some of these tips may seem a little strange to you, you’ll probably appreciate how much they will simplify your daily life!

1. Give your child the medicines without breaking your head

Drink Up

It doesn’t have to be complicated to force your child to take his or her medication. The solution? Give him a pacifier containing his dose of medication. Simply cut off the tip and place a dropper in the resulting hole! Your child will ingest his dose of medication without realizing it! Great, isn’t it?

2. Avoid tears when bathing

No More Tears

As a parent, it can be difficult to see your child’s eyes fill with tears when you wash them. Why don’t you use an umbrella to fix the problem? With this simple little trick, the bath water will stay out of your baby’s sight when you give him a bath.

3. DIY Park

DIY Play Pen

Going to the beach with your toddler is quite possible. Stop worrying about your child getting into the water by creating a homemade children’s playground. All you have to do is bring a fitted sheet and support it by securing the corners with your personal belongings.

4. A spray to keep monsters away

Bye Bye Bye Boogeyman

Children have an unbridled imagination. As we all know, they sometimes scare themselves when they are convinced that a monster is hiding under the bed or in the closet. Why not make your own “monster spray” that will keep the creatures at a distance and reassure your child?

5. A storage bin

No Better Time

The best time to teach your toddler good habits is when he’s little! If he likes to play with racing cars and others, create a bin where he can store each toy individually.

6. Divide and conquer

Divide and Conquer

If you have many young children, long car journeys will be difficult. Introduce personal space into the car by adding separators between their seats! That way, they won’t be able to fight each other. Keep your fingers crossed so they can fall asleep right away.

7. Hide the juice

Trojan Juice

It’s not a good idea to lie to your child, but we’ll make an exception with this trick. Give your child his or her favorite drink, but put the straw in the medicine you have hidden in the back of it! Don’t forget to give him the juice or soda afterward to avoid tantrums.

8. Cleaning time

Time to Clean

Who said that cleaning time and pleasure shouldn’t go together? Tape it up and ask your child to sweep the mess into the resulting square. He’ll have fun while cleaning up!

9. A very useful hand


Children find it comforting that their parents hold them back while they fall asleep. Sometimes you just don’t have time to go to bed with your child and wait for him/her to fall asleep. You can convince them otherwise by using a glove and filling it with dried beans or rice. Just place this glove on your baby’s back and he will fall asleep in no time!

10. A color clock

Colored Clocks

Scheduling your children can be a chore. In addition to dealing with sometimes disobedient children, you also have your own routine to follow! Make your life easier by assigning colors to tasks and setting them on the clock. This way, your children will know what they should do every time they consult it.

11. A basket not only for the shower

Not Just for the Shower

A shower basket can help you store your meals when you are on the move. It’s a good idea if you’re going on a long drive. This will at least reduce the chance that your toddler will get dirty with his or her food.

12. A toothbrush holder


Toothbrushes can be difficult to keep clean because they are prone to collecting bacteria when left in a cup or drawer. Why not use a clothespin as makeshift support? Use a different color for each child to avoid accidents.

13. Left and right

Left and Right

One way to teach your child to distinguish between left and right is to label his or her shoes. Simply split the sticker in half and place each half on the shoe. Your child will see this exercise as a simple puzzle.

14. Say goodbye to glitter

Goodbye Glitter

Glitter can be pretty, but it’s definitely boring to clean up. Fortunately, a plush roller can save you a lot of trouble! Pick them up with this simple accessory.

15. Cover your child’s toy with tape

Cover It Up

If your children’s noisy toys get on your nerves, a piece of tape should do the trick. Use it to cover the toy’s speaker to reduce its noise.

16. A fun sticker

Fun Sticker

Children often become nervous during air travel. Bring stickers to distract them! Just make sure you bring fun shapes that are easy to remove. This should keep your child busy for the duration of the flight.

17. Avoid getting your child dirty

Drip and Catch

Iced popsicles are delicious at any age, but kids tend to get dirty when they eat this kind of treat. Avoid this problem by putting a coffee lid under their lollipop to collect all the melted pieces!

18. Treat minor burns

Treating Minor Burns

Burns can be extremely painful. In case of minor burns, simply soak a paper towel or vinegar washcloth and apply to the skin. This will relieve any pain and prevent blisters.

19. Prevent your child from getting caught up in a room

Stuck No More

Avoid having your child get caught up in a room with the use of a rubber band. Install it this way so that your child can get out without any problems.

20. Clean your house

Make-Shift Sweeper

Babies tend to crawl everywhere. They do it voluntarily, so why not use their energy to clean the house? Place sponges on their frog and you’ll have a quick and easy way to clean the house!