Here Is The Top 10 Most Popular Purebred Cats!

Would you like to have the company of a cat in your home? Here are the most popular purebred cats that exist around the world!


Did you know that cats are generally “domestic” or purebred cats? Domestic cats have no genealogical background in their lineage, while purebred cats have. Some breeds have existed for many years and have thus seduced many cat lovers. These races may also have gained popularity because of a film that featured one of their own personality traits, which are unique, or physical appearances that make them difficult to forget. If you are looking to adopt a cat, here is the top 10 most popular cat breeds in the world!

1. Siamese

Jovana Rikalo / Stocksy United

Popular since the 19th century, this breed of cat is native to Thailand (formerly known as Siam). The Siamese have contributed to the creation of many other races, including the Oriental Shorthair, the Sphynx, and the Himalayas.

Siamese cats have distinct marks called “points”, which are the areas of color on their faces, ears, feet, and tails, but some Siamese cats may not have any points. There are also two varieties of Siamese cats.

Disney’s animated film, Lady and the Tramp, showed Siamese cats singing a song and demonstrating not only their intelligence but also how they can be heard.

2. Persian

Cara Dolan / Stocksy United

Also called cats with “crushed faces”, Persians have beautiful long fur coats. They can come in almost any color, depending on the cat registry association you are looking at, and have a fairly flat face compared to most other cat breeds. Some breed descriptions even specify that the nose should not extend beyond the eyes when looking at their profile.

Persians have been seen in many movies, artwork, and commercials over the years and have also been one of the most popular cat breeds for decades.

Their coat requires regular grooming, otherwise, mats will result. Like many thoroughbreds, they are prone to a variety of diseases, including kidney and heart problems.

3. Maine coon

Known for its large size and thick fur coat, the Maine coon is hard to ignore the cat. Originally from the State of Maine and also the official state cat, the Maine coon is a gentle giant. They are great hunters and were popularized after the FCA recognized them as purebred in the late 1970s. They remain one of the most popular cat breeds.

Many Maine coons have extra toes, a feature called polydactylism, which makes their already big feet even bigger. This is an excellent feature to have when hunting in snow since the large feet act like snowshoes.

The classic Maine coon coloring is brown, but this breed can be found in almost any color.

4. Ragdoll

Canal Vie

Ragdolls get their name from their docile temperament. It seems like these cats get soft when you pick them up, like a rag doll. There was a time when people even though they couldn’t feel the pain, that’s of course only a myth.

Ragdolls are very similar to Siamese long-haired cats with their sharply colored patterns. They also have distinctive blue eyes and personalities similar to those of dogs that follow their owners into the house.

5. Bengal

Compagnons de la tradition

Bengals are wild cats, literally. Their marks on their coats make them look like felines in the jungle, but they are domesticated cats. They are talkative and require a lot of exercises.

Many colors are permitted on Bengals, but their approved patterns include only spots and rosettes.

6. Abyssinian

Originally from Ethiopia (formerly known as Abyssinia), the Abyssinian cat has a characteristic red/orange coat. Agouti fur, which actually means that it has light and dark stripes on the different pieces of fur, gives the Abyssinian its unique look.

In addition to the most common color called “ruddy”, Abyssinians can also come in cinnamon, fawn, and blue.

7. Birman

Croquette land

Birman is another colored spiky cat like Siamese and Ragdoll. They have blue eyes and semi-long hair, but no undercoat, which distinguishes them from Persians and Himalayans.

Birmans have been used for breeding in the development of Ragdolls, so they are very similar, but may have slightly different characteristics and personalities.

8. Oriental shorthair

TaniaVdB / Pixabay

At first glance, you may think that this thin cat is a Siamese, but short-haired Oriental cats are a breed in their own right. Unlike Siamese cats, they generally have green eyes and can appear in many patterns and colors. There is also a long-haired variety.

Short-haired Oriental cats are prone to skin cancer and colds due to their lack of fur, so they are often seen wearing sweaters.

9. Sphynx

Canal Vie

If you are looking for a cat that does not shed its hair, the Sphynx is for you. These cats have a unique look due to their lack of fur and are very sociable, active cats. Consequently, they look a lot like dogs.

10. Devon Rex

These cats have a short, wavy coat and a slender body. Their fur is also very soft and their ears are very large.

Devon Rex is a playful and active cat and is sometimes described as “a monkey with the appearance of a cat”.