Top 15 Most Dangerous Roads in the World

Driving is much more dangerous than flying, it is a well-known fact. Here are some roads that may well discourage you from driving forever!


What could be more enjoyable in life than driving around with open windows and listening to music? This is even more pleasant when you are in another country. Indeed, traveling by car is an extraordinary way to get out of your comfort zone while exploring the country you are in. However, there are some roads that may be different from what you are used to. While these roads can be found quite terrifying, some people take them every day to work. This is our top 15 most dangerous roads in the world.

1. Guoliang Tunnel Road – China

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China is a splendid country that attracts many tourists. There are fantastic landscapes and… the frightening underground tunnel road in Henan province. This road was built within a steep mountain ridge that offers little space between the wall and the cliff. It was built by only 13 people and has been open for just over 40 years.

2. Yungas Route – Bolivia

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This road attracts adrenaline junkies although it has killed an extraordinary 300 people. This surprisingly high number of deaths occurred during a trip from La Paz, Bolivia, to Corocio. This 43-mile trip is not for those who are afraid of steep heights.

The path was replaced by a more modern and smooth road – even the smallest bumps could knock people down!

3. Zoji La Pass – India

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Some may say that mountains are among the most serene places in nature – but these people don’t take this road! The Zoji La Pass takes you from the Indian state of Jammu, linking Ladakh to the Kashmir Valley. Overall, it takes you to heights of about 11,000 feet.

Tourists visit the road because of its beauty. Local residents use it because it is a normal part of their daily commute. However, we recommend that you take another route.

4. Paso de Los Libertadores – Chile/Argentina

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This winding road runs along the Chile-Argentina border and reaches an altitude of 10,000 feet. The reason for its height is that it takes drivers to the Andes, one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world.

Although it sounds great, it’s pretty intimidating. This particular part of the road is called “Les escargots” and has 20 bends in its short distance in addition to snow.

5. Stelvio Pass – Italy


Italy may have some great wonders – such as Vesuvius and Etna – but it also has a dangerous road! Indeed, this road runs along the Alps and leads you directly to a lower region.

What makes it dangerous is the amount of fine and delicate turns it understands, giving you the impression of going down a dark and winding road to hell. When you think about it, you may want to avoid this icy death trap.

6. Commonwealth Avenue – Philippines


Most of the roads we have seen so far were dangerous because of their infrastructure, but not Commonwealth Avenue. This road, located in Quezon City, Philippines, is entirely paved and protected by barriers. Then why is it so dangerous?

In fact, it has an incredible number of 18 lanes, causing five traffic accidents per day. Usually, drivers rush to work and do not have time to comply with road safety rules. Be sure to avoid this dangerous road if you ever travel to this country.

7. Adriatic Motorway – Croatia


Croatia is one of the most charming places on earth. Did you know that this is the place chosen for King’s Landing in Game of Thrones? However, mountain beauty is often accompanied by dangerous roads. Croatia is no different. This road is proof of that! We strongly suggest that you avoid it.

8. Karnali Highway – Nepal

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Single-lane highways are suspicious. The single-lane highways that wind around high mountain ranges are downright alarming. The Karnali highway encircles Nepal’s mountain ranges.

Nepal, home to the world’s highest mountain (Everest), has several roads that would encourage the bravest among us to turn around and drive the other way. It’s so dangerous that you’re not allowed to drive on it once the sun sets.

9. James Dalton Road – Alaska, United States


This is the first route on our list to appear from the Western world, in Alaska. The road is completely isolated and there is nothing for miles around. This and poor weather conditions mean that this road is much less frequented.

If you are unlucky enough to have a car accident, there is no service to help you. Without streetlights or cellular service, you may find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere.

10. Ruta Nacional 5 – Chile

What makes this road so dangerous is not necessarily what is happening around it. In fact, it is quite the opposite. This road is so uninteresting to drivers that they often find themselves falling asleep at the wheel.

In addition, the climate often attracts fog that chokes the landscape, making visibility almost impossible. These factors make it one of the most dangerous roads to use – don’t go alone if you want to reach its end.

11. The Pan-American Highway – Alaska-Argentina

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This route connects Alaska to South America, making it the longest route in the world. Part of the road – Darian’s breach – extends 60 miles in length with a thick, dense and unguarded tropical forest. Located between Colombia and Panama, it is incredibly dangerous.

12. Cat and Fiddle Road – United Kingdom


While most of the roads on the list are for motorists, the Cat and Fiddle road is particularly dangerous for cyclists. The English road is just outside Manchester, England, and attracts many cyclists who are often hit by their saddles.

Unfortunately, visibility in curves is limited and car drivers cannot see around hills and curves. This means that cyclists must be very careful to ensure that they are not caught by drivers.

13. Cotopaxi Volcano Route – Ecuador

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The Cotopaxi Volcano Route is exactly what it looks like – a road that climbs to a volcano. But what the title of the road does not tell us is that the volcano you are about to visit is still active. And this activity can, as the picture shows, make your driving a little less comfortable.

14. Trans-Siberian Highway – Russia


The Trans-Siberian Highway is a system of roads that cross Russia to destinations such as the Baltic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, to the Sea of Japan. Part of the road is 7,000 miles from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok.

The road is dangerous mainly because of the distance from freezing conditions. Siberia’s freezing cold makes it isolated and dangerous – with no one to help you if you have an accident. It’s better to avoid it.

15. Kandinsky Bridge – Siberia


It is probably one of the most frightening roads in the world. The total absence of structure and materials means that you should not cross this road. According to local sources, only 35 people have successfully passed it in its history. Let’s hope the person in this picture is one of them!