You Will Never Guess The Real Height Of These Actors!

Seeing our favorite artists on TV is one thing. We get an approximate idea of their height, but sometimes the reality is quite different.


We often hear that the camera tends to enlarge the actors, but what about its effect on their height? We don’t necessarily imagine the actual height of our favourite stars and sometimes, on television, our impression of their height can be misleading. You can claim that it’s impossible for Daniel Radcliff to be that small, for exemple, but the truth is, he is. So you’ll be surprised to learn how tall some of Hollywood’s tallest stars are. Some are known to be tall or small, but others will surprise you a lot!

29. Ariana Grande – 5’0 (152 cm)

The Cheat Sheet

This international pop star is the very opposite of her name! We could almost get her to trial for misinformation! Indeed, the young singer who gave us the hit Thank You, Next, among others, measures only 5’0.

28. Lady Gaga – 5’1 (155 cm)

Benin Web TV

The incredible singer and now actress of A Star is Born, Lady Gaga, also known as The Mother Monster, is barely taller than Ariana Grande by a single inch. Fortunately, she can spend a lot of money on high heels!

27. Josh Hutcherson – 5’7 (170 cm)

Ciné Télé Revue

The one who has made a name for himself worldwide thanks to his role as Peeta in the Hunger Games saga is not very tall for a man. Josh Hutcherson is only 5.7 feet tall, two inches shorter than Jennifer Lawrence, with whom he shared the spotlight. For his credit, 5.7 feet is not THAT small.

26. Miley Cyrus – 5’5 (165 cm)

One FM

Miley Cyrus, who has made her classes in acting with her role as Hannah Montana several years ago, is now a woman. At 5.5 feet, she is quite a bit of an average.

25. Katy Perry – 5’7 (170 cm)


A little taller than average, Katy Perry, the singer of the hits Teenage Dreams and California Girls, competes very well with Josh Hutcherson on the height level. Indeed, she is also 5.7 feet tall.

24. Kanye West – 5’8 (172 cm)

Rolling Stone

You’d think he was taller, but no. Famous rapper, big name in clothing business and Kim Kardashian’s husband, Kanye West, is only 5.8 feet tall, which is a pretty average height for a man.

23. Zach Effron – 5’8 (172 cm)


The male star of High School Musical has now grown up and have certainly finish to pay his student loan! Well, almost. Like Kanye West, the handsome Zach Effron, recently seen in the role of Ted Bundy on Netflix, is only 5.8 feet tall.

22. Justin Bieber – 5’9 (175 cm)

Unfortunately, young Canadian pop star Justin Bieber cannot consider himself very tall either. Indeed, with its 5’9, only 1 inch more than Zach Effron and Kanye West, it is also in the average.

21. Demi Lovato – 5’1 (155 cm)


The pretty singer Demi Lovato, who has given us hits like Heart Attack and Sorry Not Sorry, is surprisingly small. Indeed, her 5’1 is at the bottom of the average for a woman’s height. At this size, it must be difficult to buy clothes that are not too long!

20. Shawn Mendes – 6’1 (185 cm)


Shawn Mendes, the popular young singer of only 19 years old, is the tallest on our list so far! Indeed, the interpreter of In My Blood measures a beautiful 6’1! He has nothing to envy to his companions!

19. Aziz Ansari – 5’6 (167 cm)

Vanity Fair

Everyone’s favorite in the popular Parks and Recreation series Aziz Ansari is much smaller than you might think. Indeed, the actor actually measures only 5’6, which makes him a smaller man than Katy Perry!

18. Blake Lively – 5’10 (177 cm)

Vanity Fair

The tallest woman on our list so far! Indeed, the beautiful Blake Lively, which we had the opportunity to meet in The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants several years ago, or in the hit series Gossip Girl, measures an impressive 5’10! At this height, no need to buy high heels!

17. Taylor Swift – 5’11 (180 cm)

Time Magazine

Blake Lively will not have retained his title of the tallest woman in American showbiz for long! Indeed, with her 5’11, the beautiful Taylor Swift just took her place. We can say that the young singer of Bad Blood is very tall!

16. Jennifer Lawrence – 5’9 (175 cm)

Washington Post

As mentioned earlier, Jennifer Lawrence is a tall woman. Exceeding her Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson by two inches, the actress is 5’9, which is a considerable height for a woman.

15. Bruno Mars – 5’5 (165 cm)

Trace TV

Another artist whose size will surprise you is Bruno Mars. Indeed, the popular singer is rather small! At 5’5, it’s the same size as Miley Cyrus. Despite everything, we can only love his songs and purchase all of his albums!

14. Daniel Radcliffe – 5’5 (165 cm)


The 5’5 clan welcomes an additional member here! Indeed, the actor Daniel Radcliffe, whom we had far too much pleasure to see play the famous young wizard Harry Potter for many years, also is 5’5.

13. Laura Prepon – 5’10 (177 cm)

Orange is the New Black Wiki – Fandom

The star we’ve enjoyed watching in Orange Is The New Black for years, Laura Prepon, is a really tall woman. Just like Blake Lively, the beautiful actress measure no less than 5’10!

12. Kate Middleton – 5’10 (177 cm)

Entertainment Tonight

Another great woman in the 5’10 clan! Indeed, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is a tall woman. A perfect size to compete with the 6’3 of her husband, Prince William!

11. Danny DeVito – 4’8 (142 cm)

The Mary Sue

It’s a well-known thing, but it seems that every time we hear that the famous actor Danny DeVito is only 4’8, we’re surprised that he’s so small, right? With this height, he is certainly one of the smallest celebrities in Hollywood! But since its height has certainly made its reputation, we suspect that he would not want to trade it!

10. Khloe Kardashian – 5’10 (177 cm)


Just like Kate Middleton, Laura Prepon and Blake Lively, Khloe Kardashian, the 3rd daughter of the famous family, is 5’10. Being taller than her older sisters and the younger one, however, she is the same height as Kendall Jenner, the second to last in the family.

9. Sigourney Weaver – 5’11 (180 cm)


Like Taylor Swift, Sigourney Weaver is very tall for a woman. Indeed, the one who is known worldwide for her roles in Alien and Avatar measure an impressive 5’11!

8. Ken Jeong – 5’5 (165 cm)


Asians are rarely very tall, and actor Ken Jeong, who has been seen in the Community series and in the film The Hangover, is no exception. Indeed, he measures only 5’5.

7. Gwendoline Christie – 6’3 (190 cm)

Harper’s Bazaar

The tallest celebrity on this list! Gwendoline Christie, whom we loved following in her role as Brienne of Tarth in the popular Game of Thrones series, measures an impressive 6’3! A woman of this height, you could say it’s quite rare. Too bad she can’t transfer a few inches to one of her colleagues!

6. Elijah Wood – 5’6 (167 cm)

Page Six

We won’t go so far as to say that Elijah Wood would make a good Hobbit (haha!), but we must admit that the actor is not very tall. Indeed, the man who played the brave Frodo in The Lord of the Rings is only 5’6″.

5. Elle MacPherson – 6’0 (182 cm)

The height of the beautiful Elle MacPherson certainly helped her in her career. Indeed, this magnificent model is 6’0, a height certainly revered in the field of modelling.

4. Michael J. Fox – 5’4 (162 cm)


Certainly not as small as Danny DeVito, Michael J. Fox is still the 2nd smallest man on our list with his 5’4. It is only 1 inch from Bruno Mars and Daniel Radcliffe, but unfortunately, this is not enough. We have a hard time buying his small height, do you?

3. Kristen Johnston – 6’1 (185 cm)

The one we knew in Third Rock From The Sun was taller than her costar, but is also simply very tall for a woman! Indeed, at 6’1, Kristen Johnston has nothing to envy anyone.

2. Jonah Hill – 5’7 (170 cm)


We don’t know about you, but we had the impression that Jonah Hill was small enough and we weren’t wrong. The Superbad star, who has lost a lot of weight by spending some time at the gym in recent years, is only 5’7, which is not very tall for a man.

1. Jane Lynch – 6’0 (182 cm)

TV Guide

The one we loved hating in the Glee musical series is a tall woman! Indeed, Jane Lynch is 6’0. It can be said that with this height, she was much taller than the other actresses on Glee, which made them even more easily pass for teenagers!

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