This Couple Thought They Were Expecting A Child, The Man Fainted When He Learned The Truth

When a woman gets pregnant, the couple usually expects to expect a child and plan for the arrival of this long-awaited loving being to finally form a family. However, along the way, it happens that surprises await us at the bend and this is the case of Nia and Robert, who thought they were expecting a child, but who rather received news that brought Robert to the point of fainting!


Nia and Robert Tolbert lived happily ever after and had a nice, quiet and tidy life with their son. They were really the perfect little family! But that was before Nia became pregnant with their second and third child.

Indeed, Nia’s pregnancies were really not usual, far from it. To the point, in fact, that the experts were in shock and the couple made the headlines in several countries around the world! The couple did not know what to expect from each of their pregnancies, but they certainly did not expect this outcome. Robert was so surprised by what the doctor told him that he literally passed out. Keep reading to find out exactly what the couple had while expecting a child!

15. The meeting

Nia and Robert met in 2007 and it was love at first sight. They quickly started dating. After a few years of perfect happiness, it was the perfect moment: the couple had their first child in 2011, a little boy named Shai.

Despite already several years of married life and a child to their credit, Nia and Robert decided to get married and at the same time, a second child was growing in Nia’s womb! The lovers were excited to know if they were going to welcome another boy or a little girl this time, but they were surprised by the answer…

14. The second pregnancy


As the months passed, Nia’s pregnancy went well. She and her husband were very anxious to know if they were going to offer their son a little brother or sister, but when it came time for the ultrasound, Nia was quite surprised. Indeed, the cut learned that it went not only with one child, but also with a second child. Nia was expecting twins!

13. The birth


In 2015, Nia gave birth to beautiful identical twins, Riley and Alexander. Shai had two new younger brothers, bringing the number of members of the Tolbert family to 5. With three children, Nia and Robert considered their family complete. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned….

12. Surprise!

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In 2017, when the couple did not expect it, Nia discovered that she was pregnant for a third time. This was obviously not planned, but in the face of this news, the young parents prepared, still excited at the thought of having another child, perhaps even a daughter!

11. A different pregnancy


From the beginning, Nia knew that this pregnancy was different from the first two. She felt that something was not the same, both physically and emotionally. She had many mood swings and her pregnancy hormones showed much more. She hoped that this strange feeling meant that she was expecting a little girl, but she was also afraid that it meant something was wrong. It was only when she went for her first ultrasound that Nia began to understand what was going on…

10. The ultrasound scan


Both nervous and excited, Nia went to her first ultrasound. “Robert and I have always joked about having a large family, but we didn’t plan on having more pregnancies after the twins. But we had a surprise.” And it wasn’t the last surprise to get in their way!

When they learned that they were expecting twins during the previous pregnancy, the technician asked them if they had twins in the family. When the technician asked them again this question during the ultrasound of the third pregnancy, Nia immediately thought that she was still waiting for twins.

9. The confirmation

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Quickly, the technician confirmed to Nia that she was expecting more than one child. It was a shock for the couple, but by the time they got to the bathroom, Nia had recovered from her surprise and saw it as a blessing. Upon her return, however, the technician asked to double-check, just to be sure. After double checking, the parents of three young boys learned that in fact, they were not expecting one or two children, but three! Nia admits that at this announcement, she was a little panicked.

8. A very rare case


The doctor who was going to deliver Nia’s triplets was the same one who delivered her twins and he said that giving birth to one, then two and then three children was something very rare. “We are talking about less than one in 1000[births]. It is very unlikely to happen to anyone in general,” Dr. Rami Tabbarah told reporters. “It’s very rare to have to make twins and then triplets[naturally] in the same life.” However, since multiple births existed in Nia’s family, but also in Robert’s family, the chances were increased.

7. Robert’s fainting

Nia had gone to her ultrasound alone, so Robert was not yet aware of the news of the triplets. While Nia was leaving home for the weekend, she decided to make a surprise for Robert, which he would discover after his departure. She left him a picture of the ultrasound in an envelope, on which she clearly identified babies A, B and C. She also included a picture of each baby separately, then a note saying, “Please accept a gift from me and God.”

When Robert opened the envelope and understood what was happening, he was so surprised that he fainted, “I was just shocked,” he says. “I went straight to bed.” Nevertheless, after recovering from the news, he phoned his wife and congratulated her.

6. Sex Disclosure


Unlike the other two pregnancies, the couple decided not to want to know the sex of the babies right away. Instead, they wanted to have a party where sex would be revealed to them.

On D-Day, three balloons were in front of them. First balloon burst: pink confetti. A girl! A girl! Second ball: another girl! Third balloon: a third girl! This is enough to create gender equality in the family! The young boys would have preferred little brothers, but nature decided otherwise and they finally got used to the idea.

5. On the approach of the planned date

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Nia was due to give birth to her babies on February 9, but during a third pregnancy, with extra triplets, nothing is certain! Nia started having contractions a few weeks before that date, but as they came and went, she didn’t care much. However, when the contractions started to be every 5 minutes, the couple went to the hospital, believing that it would pass and that the doctor would tell them to go home. But surprise! The babies were really coming!

4. Childbirth


On January 30, 2018, Nia gave birth to her three healthy little girls by cesarean section. Two of them, Zuri and Bailey, are identical, while the third, Mackenzie, is not. Nia is now known as “1-2-3 mom” because of the number of babies she has had at each birth.

3. From day to day


When asked what their game plan is, Nia says they don’t have any. “There is no real plan. We have no idea how this is going to work.” Nia and Robert live day to day and are confident that everything will be fine. “God has chosen us,” says Robert. “We didn’t know it would be our life, but we embrace it with all our heart, and we will do the necessary things to make sure that our children are also loved.”

2. A well-supported family


The young parents say they would never have been able to raise their 6 children without the support of their family, friends and neighbours. “But we’re not too worried,” says Nia. “I know we won’t sleep for a few years, our grocery bill will increase and our house will not be quiet, but that’s okay,” she says in a convinced tone. Financially, they have also chosen to appeal to the generosity of people, since every help, however small, is appreciated. So they created a fundraising campaign on Fundly to raise money for a new vehicle.

1. Any other children?


With 6 children, it is hard to imagine that Nia and Robert could want more. When asked the question, Nia answers that “Absolutely not. I’m sure we won’t have any more children.” With a family of 8, Nia and Robert still had the idea of creating a brand name, “Totally Tolbert”. Everything is going well so far in the Tolbert family and even if other children are not part of the future plans, the family still has several projects in mind!