Top 10 Items To Buy From Target and Avoid At All Costs!

Target can allow you to buy products at a good price. Here is a short shopping guide to follow to find out what items you can buy in this store.


If you are used to shopping at Target, you know that some products are sold at very attractive prices. Unfortunately, not all products are worth buying in this store. Indeed, it is better to get some items from other stores. Retail experts and consumers told us what they thought were the best and worst products to buy from Target. Here is a compilation of their answers.

1. Buy: Project 62 candles


Candles can add atmosphere to any space with their intoxicating scent and soft light. There is certainly no shortage of candle options at Target!

This is a favorite purchase for Jen Coleman and Laura Wiertzeman, the founders of @targetdoesitagain, a popular Instagram account that highlights eye-catching Target products. “There are so many good smells at a fraction of the price of other stores,” they said.

2. Avoid: televisions and electronic products

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Except during Black Friday or in November, it is better to look elsewhere for a TV, according to Ben’s Bargains shopping site. This also applies to most other TARGET electronic devices.

“It is very rare to see discounts on electronics unless an item is replaced for another model,” said Kristin Cook, Ben’s Bargains managing editor.

3. Buy: products made with the collaboration of designers


Target works with designers on products ranging from sandals to desk lamps, and these are some of the most sought-after items in its stores.

Dianna Baros, who founded the economic fashion blog The Budget Babe, said she was a fan of the Project 62 + Leanne Ford Lighting collection and had bought a few pieces.

4. Avoid: coffee

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The classic Target Market Pantry roast did not impress Consumer Reports and was at the bottom of their mixed coffee ranking. “This coffee lacks complexity and leaves a bitter taste,” they said.

5. Buy: Auden lingerie


The Auden lingerie brand, one of three new women’s clothing brands exclusive to Target, is announced as having a “fit for you in every way” and offers a wide range of bra sizes, from 32AA to 46G.

“We love Auden’s line of underwear and bras,” said Coleman and Wiertzema. “All the pieces are under $22, and they come in all sizes.”

6. Avoid: Up & Up garbage bags


It is better to avoid the brand of Target garbage bags. “The small savings that Target’s generic brand Up & Up can achieve are not worth it when your waste ends up in the kitchen,” Kyle James of the business research site told GoBankingRates.

7. Buy: mats

cote paillasson

With eye-catching designs and a price that is perfectly suited to an impulsive purchase, Target mats are a wise choice.

“Target offers very cute mats for only $12.99,” said Coleman and Wiertzema. “There is always a fun assortment of mats on offer.”

8. Avoid: craft and party supplies

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On the list of Ben’s Bargains’ worst purchases, there are also Target’s craft and party supplies. The site says that quality is not the problem here, but that with specialized craft stores like Jo-Ann and Michael regularly offering discounts of 40% or 50%, it is not worth buying this type of product from Target.

9. Buy: citrus-scented all-purpose cleaner


The broad category of essential household products at Target includes cleaning products, including cleaning wipes, all-purpose cleaners, and cleaning tools.

Christy Palmer, the founder of All Things Target, recommended this Smartly private label all-purpose cleaner: “This cleaner has a soft, tropical aroma, and it works very well.”

10. Avoid: fresh produce

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When it comes to fresh produce, it is better to go to the traditional grocery store or the food market. The quality, quantity, and variety of products available at Target did not perform well in a 2017 Consumer Reports survey of customer preferences for grocery products.

11. Buy: facial cleansing wipes


Facial wipes are convenient to remove makeup quickly, but they can be expensive. Palmer prefers Target’s Smartly private label brand, which is extremely affordable.

12. Avoid: infant formula


Infant formula is a product for which it pays to buy in bulk, so you’d better buy in a store like Costco to save money, says The Cheat Sheet.

13. Buy: Archer Farms nut mixture


Target’s “economical” food range offers several products, many of which are cheaper than similar products from well-known brands.

“Archer Farms makes an amazing variety of nut mixtures, and they are very tasty,” said Palmer.

She said she preferred the peanut butter mountain mix, a sweet and salty blend of peanuts, peanut butter chips, raisins, peanut butter M&M and peanut butter pretzel balls.

14. Avoid: phone accessories

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Although it may be tempting to buy a phone case or charging cable from Target, Ben’s Bargains says that phone accessories are rarely on sale. Also, you can often find them for a fraction of the price on sites like Amazon.

15. Buy: Cat & Jack children’s clothing


This line of children’s clothing is exclusive to Target. “All Cat & Jack clothing and accessories are super cute, and come with an incredible one-year warranty,” says Palmer.

16. Avoid: books


You could certainly take a book or two from Target, but you probably wouldn’t get the best offer.

17. Buy: washing products

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Target has a wide choice of detergents, softeners, and more, and you can often find them for sale.

18. Avoid: gift cards

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Gift cards can be an excellent gift to offer at the last minute, but you don’t get any discounts when you buy them at Target, according to Ben’s Bargains. These products should, therefore, be avoided.

19. Buy: BaubleBar jewelry


The result of a collaboration with the online jewelry store BaubleBar, this collection is sold exclusively at Target. There are new products every month. “You can buy earrings, necklaces, and bracelets made by the popular brand at a good price,” Palmer said.

20. Avoid: Up & Up paper towels

Yet another item that will end up costing you more if you choose a generic product. In addition, Target’s Up & Up paper towels do not work as well as Bounty’s, said at least one tester.