15 Reasons To Shop At Walmart For Your Back-to-School

Like it or not, Walmart is king when it comes to undercutting competitors' prices. This is especially true during the back-to-school season.


In case you needed more convincing, here are 15 reasons to shop at Walmart for your school supplies. You could end up paying 50–75% less than everyone else.

15. Look for under-$1 deals at Walmart starting now.

Every year, Walmart offers special buys on many different school supplies. These are items insanely low, and you don’t even need a coupon to get them! On the other hand, you could also use a coupon for an even crazier price.

Here are a few under $1 items that are worth getting excited over:

  • Elmer’s liquid glue (4 oz.) $0.50 each;
  • Crayola coloured pencils (12): $0.97 for the pack;
  • Crayola markers (10): $0.97 for the pack;
  • Pink erasers: $0.24 each;
  • Highlighters: $0.19 each.

14. No time to shop at multiple stores for deals? Go ahead and get everything at Walmart.

Because of Every day Low Prices and Rollback prices, Walmart is a safe bet for one-stop shopping.

13. Get character backpacks for under $7.

Walmart is the place for backpacks featuring your kids’ favourite characters from DC, Marvel, Disney, Paw Patrol and more. Where else could you score them for as low as $6.98 each?

12. Look for uniform polos for under $4 and khakis for under $10.

You’ll find super cheap uniform polos and khakis at the store. When you see these prices, stock up on what you think you’ll need for the year. Consider buying a size bigger as well for the last half of the year.

11. Find electronics for college like printers and microwaves.

Last year we saw Canon All-in-One Printer for just $19.99, and a microwave for under $50.

10. Order school supplies through Grocery Pickup and get them delivered to your car.

It’s true, if you shop through Walmart Grocery, you can avoid going into the store completely. Best part? Grocery pickup is free!

Just select your pickup time before you place an order and then when it’s time to pick up your supplies, just park in the designated “Grocery Pickup” stall and call the number on the sign. Someone from the store will then come and put your order into your car for you.

9. You get free Walmart shipping when you spend more than $35 online.

If you don’t even want to leave your house, you can shop online, and get free shipping when you spend $35 or more. This is a great option if you can’t stomach the back-to-school (Walmart) crowd.

8. Hit up the back-to-school clearance a week or two after school starts.

Procrastinators are rewarded for putting off school-supply shopping with end-of-season clearance. You’ll score major clearance savings.

Prices we’ve seen in the past just after school started:

  • T1 scientific calculators for $4.50;
  • Binders for $0.25;
  • Pencil boxes for $0.10;
  • Shoes and clothing for $1.

7. Print coupons and combine them with Walmart’s sale prices.

Look for coupons for common brands like Crayola, Bic, Kleenex and more. Since Walmart takes manufacturer coupons, you shouldn’t have problems using one coupon for items.

6. It’s rare for Walmart to have empty school supply shelves.

Unlike other stores, they restock all season long. You can show up the night before school starts and knock out your whole list if you need to.

5. Use Ibotta’s “Any Item” offers toward school supplies like crayons at Walmart.

Ibotta is a rebate app that offers cash back on items after you make your purchase. At Walmart, simply unlock the offers you’re interested in and then scan the QR code on your receipt with the app.

Ibotta’s “Any Item” offer will give you $0.25 back on anything you buy at the store.

4. Walmart’s back-to-school sales start earlier than any other store.

We’re talking around the Fourth of July holiday here. Super early!

3. Walmart is probably the closest store to you, statistically speaking.

Business Insider determined that 90% of Americans live within 15 miles of a Walmart. Save up gas money and shop at Walmart down the street instead of making the trek to Office Depot or Staples.

2. Feel free to stock up.

Walmart’s inventory is legit. In the past, we’ve seen people buy 100 notebooks at once to donate to charities, and Walmart didn’t fall short of them.

1. Walmart has school supply lists at the store.

Most Walmart stores have local public (and sometimes even private) school supply lists available in store. If it doesn’t have hard copies, check the Walmart app, because it’s probably located there instead!