The Most Expensive House on Sale in The US!

The Bel-Air estate, located in Los Angeles, is worth US$250 million, but its price has been significantly reduced. Are you interested?


The most expensive house for sale in the United States of America is the famous and luxurious Bel-Air estate, but as it seems to have difficulty selling itself, its price has been further reduced. From US$250 million, it is now at a cost of $100 million. Perhaps you will be interested?

11. From sea to land

The well-known developer Bruce Makowsky is in charge of selling this beautiful and luxurious property that was built specifically for sale and not for a specific customer. Having always been used to a more luxurious lifestyle, Bruce has long been on multimillion-dollar luxury mega-yachts and his goal was to bring all maritime luxury to the mainland.

10. Only the best

Generally, houses are built with a buyer’s criteria, so this construction was quite different. As the developer explains, this estate was built to please a billionaire who is looking for the best. “Until now, the ultra-luxury market has been free of houses that even approached the level of mega-yachts and private jets on which billionaires spend millions of dollars each year. Hundreds of new billionaires arrive every year and they are increasingly interested in this coveted California enclave for all that the state has to offer.”

9. A 38,000 square foot estate

The contractor therefore decided to build a house of more than 38,000 square feet. We must admit that a simple photo from the outside confirms that his project is a success. This area is divided into 4 floors which include 2 main suites, 10 spacious VIP suites and 21 bathrooms. One thing is certain, receiving visitors is not a problem in this house! Hosting parties wouldn’t be a problem either.

8. On-site entertainment

Of course, the size and beauty of the house are paramount, but the rooms reserved for entertainment are not to be neglected either. That is why several rooms have been designed accordingly. Have you ever dreamed of being able to bowl in the comfort of your own home? In this house, it is possible! The residence includes 4 bowling lanes for those who wish to practise their throws.

7. There is even a fitness centre!

Difficult to motivate yourself to go to the gym for a little workout? In this huge house, training is in the spotlight! No longer needing to leave the house to train, you no longer have any excuses! Television, music, exercise balls, treadmills, weights, elliptical and weight bench… Everything is available in this sporting environment. So you can do everything in one place, with the latest equipment, of course!

6. And a massage studio, in addition to a spa!

We play bowling or tennis, we do a good workout in the gym, but we must not forget that a moment of relaxation is necessary on a daily basis. In this house, everything is planned! So you can either relax in the hot water of a spa for a few minutes, then go directly to the massage room. Obviously, when you can afford a house like this, you can certainly afford a private massage therapist. We have to eliminate all these tensions! What a wonderful treatment.

5. Looking for a small cinema? There is one too.

Of course, most luxury homes hide their own small movie theatres. Few people don’t like to watch a movie in the comfort of their living room, it’s even better when it’s on a giant screen! For this luxury version cinema, the designers thought that 40 seats were enough! Let’s not forget that the house has enough rooms to accommodate all these people for the rest of the night!

4. But that’s not all!

We even thought of the entertainment room for the most active. After bowling, spa, gym and movies, here is the room with plenty of football tables for the most competitive people of the house! Do you have a sweet tooth? The estate also has a wall of self-service candy!  There is something for everyone! We wonder who is in charge of keeping his containers full at all times!

3. An entertainment area

If you are a lonely person and do not like to receive guests, the meeting room will certainly not be your favourite in the house! It has enough sofa to accommodate your whole family in one place! And not the least! 17,000 square feet to spend time with your loved ones! With a bar, TVs, couches and a refined decoration, all your guests will feel at home!

2. Something to refresh you

Of course, a luxurious big house means an inground pool with an impressive view. This house could not be built without this very important detail, and the builder knew it! It’s probably the reason why, in the backyard, there is an 85-foot glass overflow pool with a swimming corridor. There is also enough chair to sunbathe and take a little afternoon nap without disturbance!

1. And there’s something else

In addition to everything else, by becoming the owner of this residence, you will have access to an outdoor hydraulic inflatable theatre, two well-filled champagne and wine cellars, 5 bars and 3 gourmet kitchens. The residence has the most advanced home technology system in the country and 7 staff members are at your disposal at all times. We have to admit, this house has everything to make us dream! Now, all you need is an incredibly good credit score, a killer mortgage and, of course, crazy home insurance if you want to buy the place. Oh, and be rich, of course.