25 Things That Are Disappearing From Shelves Because Millennials Don’t Buy Them

This is not new: stores sell products according to consumer needs. So here are some things that may disappear from the shelves because of the millennials.


This is not new: stores base their decisions on consumer needs to decide what will be on their shelves. Of course, sometimes they try to create needs for people who come into their business, but most of the time they respect what is called “supply and demand”. It is therefore not surprising that some products disappear from the shelves over time. After all, lifestyle habits are changing! If you doubt this, here are 25 things that businesses are selling less and less for the simple reason that millennia do not buy them!

1. Stores are selling less and less mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is less popular than before. Millennials have a preference for slightly healthier products, such as avocados. They will, therefore, try to reduce their consumption of condiment. Soon, we shouldn’t see any more of them in grocery stores.

2. Artisanal beers are popular

Gone are the days when domestic beers filled refrigerators. Now, what is popular is traditional beers and flavored drinks such as lemonade, iced tea, and kombucha.

3. Millennials don’t spend money on lotteries


If there is one expense that the millennia do not make, it is the lottery tickets. Buying lottery tickets is not a necessary expense for them. So they prefer to pay their rent, their groceries.

4. Irons are obsolete

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Before, everyone had an iron. Now it’s a whole different story. Generation Y buys wrinkle-free clothes and, if necessary, puts them in the dryer.

5. What is the real purpose of the fabric softener?

Millennials wash like anyone else. However, unlike the baby boom generation, they will not use fabric softener. They simply do not see the value in spending money on such a product.

6. Gyms are no longer as popular

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If you are going to work out in a gym, pay attention to the people in it. You will probably see a few millennia, as they prefer, by far, more specialized training rooms than traditional gyms. So they like the places where they can, for example, do yoga or practice CrossFit more.

7. People no longer get married

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The marriage industry is another one that is not doing very well. Millennials are getting married less and less and when they do, they try to spend less money on this event by avoiding buying, for example, rings with diamonds.

8. Netflix has taken over from the cinemas


Why go to the cinema when you can watch tons of movies in the comfort of your home on Netflix? That’s what the millennia tell themselves. It is therefore not surprising that cinemas are seeing a decrease in the number of tickets sold.

9. Anything in bulk

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It is wrong to think that bulk stores are extremely popular, at least with Generation Y. There are a few reasons for this: this generation is much less inclined to cook, they have their products delivered to their homes and subscribe to meal kits.

10. Eating cereals is impractical

The grain market is getting worse and worse because of the new generation. The millennials reject this dish because it is impractical. That’s right! Cereals take time to eat. Also, cleaning your bowl and utensil requires a lot of energy and time, especially in the morning…

11. The millennials no longer want to eat McDonald’s

It is a well-known fact: millennials are trying to eat healthier. For example, they will opt for veganism and buy organic food. So it makes sense that they no longer want to go to McDonald’s and eat food filled with saturated fat and salt…

12. Meat is no longer an option

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As mentioned above, many millennia are vegetarian. As a result, many do not eat meat and eat vegetables or dishes made from soybeans.

13. Where are the doorbells?


Generation Y does not use doorbells in houses or apartments. Instead of ringing, it warns people with a text message. As a result, people of this generation are unlikely to install doorbells on their doors when they acquire a new property.

14. Napkins are useless

Why spend money on expensive napkins when you can use paper towels?

15. Cars are an ancient memory


Millennials are buying fewer and fewer cars. Instead, they opt for public transit, carpooling or car rental using a variety of applications. They can do this for several reasons, including to save money (the price of plates and car insurance can be quite high) or for environmental awareness.

16. The milk industry is not doing well

As more and more people become vegetarians, the milk industry is losing more and more consumers. Indeed, will buy more soy milk or almond milk.

17. The Internet killed the postcards

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Although it is nice to send and receive postcards, millennia have a preference for the easy way, the Internet. Facebook, Instagram, and email are destroying the postcard industry.

18. Millennials do not invest their money in the stock market


Unlike their parents, millennials do not buy shares on the stock exchange. Why? They don’t have the money for such an investment, it’s as simple as that!

19. Generation Y is not attracted to cruises

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Despite all the efforts of cruise ships to make their journey more attractive for Generation Y, this does not work. They want to go hiking and discover the culture of the countries they visit more than make short stops on islands on board a gigantic ship.

20. Hotels are less popular

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If travelers could only stay in hotels or B&Bs while on holiday in the past, this is no longer the case today. Now, holidaymakers can rent accommodation from Airbnb, which is very popular with millennia. It is also a much more affordable option than hotels, as are youth hostels.

21. Netflix also takes precedence over cable

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The television industry, like the film industry, is not doing very well. The great culprit? Netflix! Why would Generation Y ruin itself with an expensive cable subscription when the Netflix subscription is so affordable? She has many other more important things to pay: rent, school fees (for bachelor, master, and university) and groceries.

22. Cell phones have replaced land lines

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With the democratization of cell phones, few people still own land lines in their homes.

23. Generation Y doesn’t like high heels

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Let’s be honest, high heels are uncomfortable shoes. It is probably for this reason that Generation Y people hardly buy any more. They like sneakers more, and with good reason! This allows them to move around without suffering from foot and back pain.

24. Long live casual clothes

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Although some offices still require their employees to wear the suit at all times, this is less and less the case. Good, because the new generation loves casual clothes! She particularly likes to wear jeans to work.

25. No to buying a house


Millennials are not in as much of a hurry as their parents or grandparents to buy a house, which is very understandable given the price of these homes on the market. They prefer to rent apartments and thus be able to move in case of a change of job.