The Best Cruises For Seniors For Every Budget!

Cruises are known to be popular among seniors, but not all ships are ideal for people over the age of 55. Here is a guide to help you pick.


Retirement is, for many, the perfect time to travel by way of the sea. We all know long flights can be very uncomfortable. Meanwhile, cruise ships present a relaxing experience and a vacation in itself. Not all companies, however, caters more particularly to people over the age of 60. While these cruises have nothing of retirement homes, seniors are more likely to enjoy themselves if they chose their ship very carefully. Here is a guide to picking the right on for you.

16. For tight budgets: Celebrity Cruises

It seems that Greece-based Celebrity Cruises wants to make seniors the star of their ships as passengers over 55 are can board at a discount. While nothing like Crystal or Silversea, their ships are quite luxurious.

It is, therefore, a great pick for someone who has to respect a certain budget but still wants to have a taste of luxury. The amenities and activities include casinos, formal foyers, live entertainment and more.

15. Truly all-inclusive cruises: Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Perhaps one of the most well-known companies, Regent Seven Seas Cruises is also one of the most practical for passengers. It is basically a one-payment-and-stop-thinking-about-your-bank-account type of deal.

Everything from airfare to gratuities and beverages are included in the initial price. Anyone worried or annoyed with hidden fees should opt for the cruise formula.

14. No Kids: Viking Ocean Cruises

The Viking Ocean Cruises offers wine and beer with every meal (except breakfast, of course, it is not that kind of cruise) and no one risks to be asked to take out an ID. Not because no one looks young, but because the minimum age to even board the ship is 18.

If you are looking to spend a good time among adults and don’t wish to share poolside with children splashing and screaming, this company might be for you.

13. Seniors only cruises: Saga Cruises

You think 18 years old can act pretty child-like? We can’t say that you are wrong. If you don’t want to take the chance that the cruise might turn into one of those spring break kind of vacation with too many 21 year-olds partying heavily, Saga Cruises has the answer.

Their ship is reserved exclusively for travellers aged 50 and over. This is perfect if you are looking to relax with like-minded people and invest in making sure you will enjoy the environment.

12. Cruises to truely relax: Cunard

Like most cruise formulas now a day, Cunard offers an all-inclusive approach for your time on the ship to be completely stress-free. If it wasn’t for on-land excursions, you could leave your credit cards at home. No need to think about anything else other than enjoying yourself.

The cruise offers an array of onboard activities to unwind and enjoy yourself such as musicals, Shakespearean performances, dance clubs and even educational lectures for when, or if, you get tired of lounging by the pool.

11. Cruises that can accommodate mobility-impaired people: Princess

Princess cruises make it easier than ever to enjoy a nice vacation on a cruise even for those with disabilities such as people with reduced mobility, visually impaired or hard-of-hearing.

Most of their ships are wheelchair-accessible as well as a selection of their shore excursions. While at sea, it is possible to engage in wine tastings, culinary classes, bingo, live performances and even educational talks for those who are nostalgic of their college years.

10. For tight budgets: Royal Caribbean International

While Royal Caribbean International is a very family-friendly cruise company, it is also a very senior-friendly one. If kids running around the ship does not bother you, and better even if it brings a smile to your face and makes you want to take to the open sea with your children and grandchildren you are in luck.

Royal Caribbean International offers special discounts for guests aged 55 and over. This special and very appreciated reduction of reserved to only a selection of sailings.

9. The must for people who can splurge: Crystal Cruises

Crystal Cruises is aptly named. The company caters to wealthy travellers who enjoy luxury and have the bank account to treat themselves to the largest ships, incredible design, high-end facilities, impeccable service and more.

The cruise also features chef meals and sommelier accords, golf and yoga classes, well-known guest lecturers and the list of luxurious elements could go on.

8. The must for people who can splurge: Silversea Cruises

One can’t rent a room on Silversea cruises as there are only suites. And only fancy opulent ones. The Silversea offers a escape from everyday life for those who love, and can afford, luxury and refinement.

The highly personalised experience involves butlers as well as designer decors, fine cuisine and everything else one’s heart might desire.

7. For the curious and interested ones: Viking River and Ocean Cruises

If you still like to learn and discover new things even though your college years are well behind you, Viking River and Ocean Cruises might be for you. The cruise itineraries are specially created to offer unique cultural and historical experiences.

Passengers can assist to a TedTalk, take part in a cooking class, head to the impressive screening room and even treat themselves to the onboard complimentary Scandinavian thermal suite experience.

6. Cruises to truely relax: Fred. Olsen

Fred. Olsen is not one of those flashy fancy cruise companies. Its fleet is composed of smaller ships which make for a more intimate time at sea. Children on the boats are rare which also makes for a calmer atmosphere.

It is therefore a great choice if you are looking to rent a room on a cruise ship mainly to relax. Passengers can enjoy spa treatments and lives performance. Other amenities of interest also include a library, gaming tables and even golf nets!

5. For travelling solo: Singles Travel International

Singles Travel International offers all kinds of activities for singles, this includes seniors-only cruises. These only take place a few times a year, so you might want to rent your room early.

Rooms can be shared for a lower price, but single ones are also available for those who like their personal space and don’t mind covering the extra cost.

4. For travelling solo: Solo’s Holidays


Their name kind of says it all. Even better, Solo’s Holidays offers cruises for different age groups including 45 and up. No need to share your room with a stranger nor pay extra if you don’t want to as they offer private single rooms.

This company is great for anyone tired of covering the single supplement and having to pay more simply because they enjoy travelling on their own as most ships do not require this kind of investment.

3. For the adventurous: Oceania Cruises

Senior does not have to mean boring… Or bored. For everyone over 55 who like to be active and who is hungry for adventure, Oceania is a great choice of cruise company for people who can afford to purchase such a trip.

The luxurious offer several excursions for all levels and would satisfy the most active and curious people no matter their age. A wide variety of interesting onboard activities are certain to keep you busy at all time.

2. For the adventurous: UnCruise Adventures

As its name suggests, Uncruise is not your typical slow-paced type of cruise ship. To begin with, their ships are smaller than regular cruise ships to allow them to access places where big boats can’t go.

This type of cruise is more akin to an adventure than a relaxing cruise to discover cultures and relax, so don,t be surprised to share the boat with university students and young professionals!

1. For the curious and interested ones: Azamara

Azamara distinguishes itself through its Destination Immersion formula which is ideal for travellers who wants to invest in living an experience that goes further than luxury and entertainment.

The cruise focuses on allowing its passengers to discover and truly experience different cultures. Onboard activities are often educational and, with longer stays in every destination, Azamara gives the opportunity to explore more in-depth.