Best restaurant discounts for seniors


Eating out can be one of the great pleasures of retirement, but some people may not be able to do so as often as they like when they are not earning a regular wage. That’s where senior discounts can help, which are available in a plethora of restaurants from basic burger joints to haute cuisine palaces. Always check with the restaurant that a discount is available before you order, as timings and regional variations may differ.

16. A&W

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A&W, in common with numerous franchises, provides seniors with discounts in many restaurants, but there’s no apparent overall scheme controlling how much and when. As a rule of thumb, expect a 10% discount if you are 60+.

15. White Castle


The oldest hamburger chain in America, White Castle, offers discounts for seniors in many outlets, with 10% discounts available (sometimes a discount card is required) or money off beverages. The discount has one of the lowest qualifying ages of any chain: if you’re 50, you qualify.

14. Dunkin’ Donuts

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The world’s biggest baked goods and coffee chain has been supplying coffee and pastries to its clients since the 1950s. Senior discounts are available in many of its stores, sometimes with money off coffee and other beverages, or sometimes with around 10% off the total bill.

13. KFC


Seniors (defined by KFC as 55+) can expect between 5% and 10% discount on their bill from KFC outlets, depending on location. Certain locations don’t provide discounts but will offer incentives such as free drinks with your meal. 10% off is the most usual discount, but this doesn’t apply to family meals or products like the Fill Up meals that are already discounted.

12. Fazoli’s


The eponymous Italian fast-food chain runs a senior “Club 62”; anyone over that age can sign up for the club, which gives access to special items on the menu only available to club members. There are variations from branch to branch, so best to call up your specific restaurant and check for participation.

11. Taco Bell


Many outlets of the franchise will offer free or discounted beverages for seniors (55+), with others offering a discount of up to 10% on the total bill. The amount discounted can be different for different outlets.

10. Friendly’s


Friendly’s offers a 10% discount for seniors on meals, as well as a free coffee with breakfast or a free ice cream sundae with other meals. Additionally, if you are a member of the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC), special coupons are available.

9. Hardee’s


A 10% discount on meals is available for all those aged 55+ at over half of Hardee’s restaurants. Some restaurants will also charge a special low price of $0.59 for 16 ounce soft drinks for seniors.

8. McDonald’s


The largest and most recognizable restaurant chain in the world, McDonald’s, is not extravagantly senior-friendly. McDonald’s outlets used to offer seniors (60+) free coffee, but sadly this tradition seems to be dying out, and most locations now only offer a discount on coffee of between $0.64 and $0.87.



Many IHOP restaurants offer discounts for seniors, with some having a “Senior Special” for those aged 55+, with 2-4-1 meal deals from the seniors’ menu between 3 PM and 6 PM. Most outlets provide a 10% discount for seniors and have lower-priced senior menus with smaller portions. Other outlets run once a week 50% off offers for seniors – check your local branch for details.

6. Old Country Buffet

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OCB runs a Senior Club for 60+ patrons, providing discounts on the majority of their meals and sometimes complementary additions. However, in some restaurants the discount isn’t applicable to specials, so make sure you ask before you order to get the benefits.

5. Old Spaghetti Factory


The Old Spaghetti Factory provides a special menu for seniors with discount prices. This varies from location to location, so for full details check on the individual outlet’s webpage. OSF now has 45 outlets across the USA, frequently located inside renovated historic properties.

4. Wendy’s


Wendy’s doesn’t have a consistent definition of the age at which a customer becomes a senior; free coffee is available for seniors across the chain. But whether you’re defined as a senior or not depends on your location. Check out your local outlet for details.

3. Piccadilly Cafeteria

The Piccadilly Cafeteria’s “Prime Time for Seniors” card, which you can pick up free from any outlet, offers a 10% discount for seniors (55+) on meals. Be careful because the senior special treatment is offered only between 2 PM and 5 PM, but seven days a week.

2. Sizzler

Sizzler outlets usually have a special price menu for seniors aged 60+. When they don’t, seniors can enjoy discounts of up to 15% on the regular menu.

1. Whataburger


Seniors aged 55+ can enjoy a free 16oz soft drink or 12oz coffee in Whataburger outlets when purchasing a meal. This benefit is available 365 days a year.