How to become rich in retirement without effort


We are not all lucky enough to have a decent pension, and even those who do can always do with a little extra money in retirement. Below are a few jobs that could help you earn a bit of extra money so you can enjoy your retirement to the fullest.

15. Pet Sitter

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This could be the perfect way of making extra pocket money for an animal lover. Most people who have pets have to travel occasionally and need carers for pets that they can’t take with them for whatever reason. Walking the dog or feeding the cat could get you extra money, and you’ll also get the exercise and relaxation that goes along with pets free of charge while you’re being paid.

14. Surveys

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Companies often rely on surveys to tell them whether they are getting things right with their products or services, and they are willing to pay testers to tell them about their products, as well as supplying the products for free. The money isn’t exactly huge, but it’s easy work and it can often be done while you’re watching TV or just riding the bus.

13. Tutor


Many parents who want their children to do as well as possible are willing to pay good prices for high-quality home tutoring. If you have a particular area of subject expertise, check out home tutoring websites or even just put notices up in your local grocery store. Tutoring can be highly satisfying, well remunerated and you will be helping young people at the same time.

12. Driver

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Insurance company rates show that many people believe older citizens are the most reliable drivers. If you’ve got a clean license, there are plenty of flexible part-time opportunities out there, as a school bus driver, driving a limo, or working for shuttle services. Driving jobs can be quite well-paid, you get to meet new people, and may even get a few tips.

11. Consulting

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If you used to work in a sector like finance or marketing, architecture or construction – just about anything, really – you might find that you are still in demand as a consultant. People place a high value on experience, so put yourself out there and you might find that you can command surprisingly high rates for your wisdom and advice.

10. Jury duty


Many lawyers prepare for their real-life cases by running mock trials online via websites such as OnlineVerdict. You can sign up for these mock trials as a juror by providing a few details about yourself and your location; if you’re invited to participate, you could be paid up to $60 an hour.

9. Sell your photographs

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If you fancy yourself as a good photographer and have lots of digital images, why not see if people want to pay for the rights to them. Numerous archive photo sites exist, to which you can upload photos, and through which people can pay you to use them on their own websites, publicity, etc. Selling your pictures could be a little gold mine.

8. Mystery shopper

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Numerous firms – restaurant franchises, supermarkets, etc. – use mystery shoppers. These people are paid to go shopping or to eat in restaurants to check out whether customer service standards are being upheld, and they can recommend improvements. This is a nice work for those who want to get out and about and meet people.

7. Sell your skills online


On the Fiverr website, you can post any skill or talent you have, name your price and wait to see who wants to pay you. You can offer anything you like on the site, from high-level financial consultations to juggling – there’s always a market out there!

6. Rent a room

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Companies like Airbnb make it simple to rent out your entire property when you’re away, or maybe a room when you’re not. If you’ve got extra space in your house, particularly if it’s self-contained, you could be making very good money by letting it out to visitors, especially when your town or region is hosting a major sporting or cultural event.

5. Babysitting


Often seen as a job for high school seniors, many parents, in fact, would prefer to have a reliable senior citizen to look after their children. Put the word out there through social media or simply by word-of-mouth through your friends and family. You must’ve heard thousands of people complaining about the difficulty of getting a reliable sitter when they want to go out – you can fill a gap in the market.

4. Tour guide

If you know your local area or its history well, you could get paid to share your knowledge working as a local guide for sites such as Vayable. Perhaps you could run tours of historic sites, local cafés, galleries, craft shops… whatever interests you and your customers. Most of us are proud of where we’re from, so what could be better than sharing that pride in getting paid at the same time? Travellers will undoubtedly welcome you.

3. Cooking


If you like to cook (and people like your food!), there are plenty of people out there who could use your skills. Many people simply don’t have the time to prepare elaborate dinner parties, but they still want to entertain. That’s where you can step in, getting out, meeting people, and having the satisfaction of seeing that they’re well fed.

2. Freelancing/blogging


Many people have had ambitions to be writers, but somehow their career got in the way. Why not revive your ambitions when you retire? Freelance writers can work from home and do as little or as much as they like. Bloggers have been known to make hundred of thousands when they hit on a popular subject with their very own style. That’s not going to happen for everybody, but you won’t know unless you try. Investing time in your writing might be worth it.

1. Rent out your driveway

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You might have a two-car driveway but only need one car or maybe you have a driveway and no car anymore… Sites like Parking Panda and others operate in a number of American cities. Simply register with them and they will let people know that your parking space is available, collect parking fees and send them to you (minus a small commission) without you having to lift a finger.