15 Wonderful tropical islands you can travel to for cheap


Brush off that winter chill by choosing from one of these tropical island locations where you’re bound to forget the cold even exists. There’s nothing like reclining on a hot beach to recharge our batteries, and there’s a great deal to do as well. Pack your bags, shop for your travel insurance, and there you go, relax in a tropical paradise!

15. Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

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Some of the best tropical island getaways are where you least expect them to be. The coastal resorts off Vietnam are excellent places to visit these days, with more and more offers coming online and, once you’ve saved for the flight to Ho Chi Minh City, you’ll find a cost-effective trip awaiting in getting to Phu Quoc. This island is almost Eden-like,  it feels so untouched. Nature lovers especially will absolutely love being here.

14. Hawaii, USA

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They chose this paradise of the Pacific to film Jurassic Park and it’s easy to see why. What you might not be aware of is that it doesn’t have to break your budget to get here, especially from a West Coast airport. Indeed, because it’s part of the US, they’ll charge you much less than other nations for the privilege. If you’re really looking for a bargain, consider that this is still a great choice of holiday location away from peak tourist seasons.

13. Barbados


If you’re shrewd, you’ll take advantage of the Barbadian dollar being solid against the US dollar, rather than converting into US which will be less cost-effective. There is also a range of deals that can make your money go further, especially if you choose to add activities to your holiday package rather than waiting for the expenses once you get there. Barbados is a favorite of many tourists and bad weather isn’t so common, so you might also want to consider out-of-season options.

12. Guadeloupe

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The secret sandy beaches and thriving rainforests of Guadeloupe are best explored by renting your own car and avoiding taxi costs. If you’re looking to avoid the winter cold, you’ll be transported to mid-80s temperatures between December and May, and a dry climate. At other times you’ll be interrupted by tropical rainstorms, but they’re short and fast so if you don’t mind them you might also want to consider the bargain out-of-season prices.

11. Guanacaste, Costa Rica


There can be few more scenic choices than standing on a beach staring out at the Pacific Ocean, and Guanacaste is one of the more cost-effective options you’ll find. Together with the weather and relaxation you would expect on a tropical island, Guanacaste also offers trips into national parks, walks up volcanoes, and the chance to photograph some amazing waterfalls. An excellent choice for a family vacation considering the variety of activities to choose from, accessed via a flight to Liberia with good deals from many US airports.

10. Bay Islands, Honduras

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This collection of islands offers many stunning beaches, unspoiled by signs of tourism and awash with the electric blue of the Caribbean Sea. Scuba divers and snorkelers especially consider this a great location to enjoy their favorite pastime. Make sure you book travel insurance if you choose this destination, as the situation in Honduras is more uncertain than the other countries mentioned on our list.

9. Plancencia, Belize


Belize is a popular tourist destination but if you want more peace and quiet look toward this quaint fishing village on the southeastern coast. The extra travel and time to get there, via flight or shuttle service from Belize City, will reward you with 16 miles of the best beaches the island has and located away from the major tourist areas. Plus, there are plenty of memorable activities you won’t want to pass up, including diving, fishing and snorkelling. Go barefoot in the town if you want to feel like a local and sample the seafood delicacies.

8. The Dominican Republic

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Many don’t realize the Dominican Republic is such a favorite among tourists to the Caribbean. You’ll find a range of deals drawing you to the many accommodations available, and golf courses accessible throughout the calendar for those who do not want to spend all their time on the sandy beaches.

7. Puerto Rico


A particular lure to those who can’t help pursue surfing, but don’t worry about the waves because there are calmer waters here too for family getaways depending on which part of the coast attracts you. Good deals are available every season and Puerto Rico proves a cheaper option than many other island paradises. Just make sure to plan ahead because the best holiday packages are snapped up fairly quickly.

6. Cozumel, Mexico


Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula looks out to this wonderful island retreat, decorated with white sand, splendid marine life, and lingering signs of Maya culture. The views won’t disappoint and your best option is a flight to Cancun, before boarding a Cozumel ferry and taking to the ocean. Holidays are out of season here between August and November because of the hurricane threat, but many are tempted by the bargain packages available if they don’t mind the risk of losing flights to the weather.

5. Curaçao


Though a particular draw for lovers of scuba diving, Curaçao has many isolated beaches where you can explore nature and enjoy picturesque views. This Dutch island is one of the many reasons the Caribbean is so inviting, with more and more US travelers beginning to realize they need to experience it, having seen how the Canadians and Europeans regard it so highly.

4. Turks & Caicos

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Come here in the Spring if you want to miss the big crowds and get a bargain price, although these islands are splendid for many months of the year. Be careful from June to November when there are dangers of hurricanes, although that doesn’t put everyone off.

3. Negril, Jamaica


Renowned for its welcoming attitude and friendly locals, Negril is an ideal choice for getting to understand why people love Jamaica. Take it easy on the warm beaches if you like, though there is a lot of nature to explore inland. You’ll also be a short distance from Montego Bay, which has a more extensive range of accommodation depending on what kind of holiday you prefer. You can’t go wrong with a location that has a Seven Mile Beach, and the coral reefs here are also a big draw.

2. Sipadan, Malaysia


Most of the expenses are in the travel to get to this island paradise, which is cheap and convenient once you’re here. Divers love coming here from all around the world, but perhaps you’ll just want to relax and enjoy the blue ocean scenery.

1. Cuba

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Many will be surprised, but Cuba becomes a terrific option for a holiday if you happen to live in Canada, thanks to a healthy tourism deal the two countries have. Many Canadians head there for the winter, with a wide range of resorts to choose from and all the qualities of a tropical island getaway you desire.