25 Beautiful Names For Young Boys That Have Been forgotten

The hunt for the perfect baby boy name is always challenging. Get inspired by these vintage names that used to be really popular.


The hunt for the perfect baby boy’s name is always challenging. We know how moms feel, they believes their babies are so unique and that’s why we think they should these vintage baby boy names that have been forgotten over the years.

Many boy’s first name gained popularity for a short while and eventually disappear for some time. They are by no means unusual, so to speak. They were simply forgotten. Get inspired by these names.

25. Abraham

An important biblical figure or the 16th president of the United States who helped end slavery, Abraham is a name for a boy who will go far in life.

24. Alphonse

A German baby name, Alphonse means “ready for a fight”. No wonder Al Capone’s real name was Alphonse.

23. Anatole

Anatole is derived from Anatolius, Greek for “sunrise”. Hopefully your baby Anatole won’t wake you up at sunrise.

22. Arnaud

If you like French names then we recommend you call your boy Arnaud.

21. Benjamin

Benjamin has a lot of religious significance but it is also a super cute name.

20. Charles


Many kings have been called Charles. Your son will be your little king!

19. Colin


The name Collin has a long history dating back to medieval times and used to be short for Nicholas.

18. Edgar


If you want your son to follow in the footsteps of Edgar Allen Poe, the famous poet, then why not name him after him?

17. Edward


Another kingly name, Edward sounds very posh and sophisticated.

16. Emmanuel


If you are a fan of the Old Testament, you might be interested to know Emmanuel means “God with us”.

15. Félix


Felix means “happy” or “lucky”. A perfect name for a baby boy.

14. Gustave


Loved learning French in high school? Name your baby Gustave for some French flavour.

13. Henry


Another name given to many noblemen of yesteryear, Henri will never go out of style.

12. Hector


In Greek mythology, Hector was the chief warrior of the Trojan army. A strong boy will be a great Hector.

11. Isaac


A beautiful name with an important religious significance.

10. Isidore


Isidore means “strong gift”. The meaning of this name could not be better suited for a newborn baby.

9. Jules


A French name you will probably only hear in France or Canada, you’ll have the only Jules in your neighbourhood.

8. Léon


Léon comes from the Latin name Leo, which means lion.

7. Louis


Many French kings have been named Louis. Are you giving birth to a little king?

6. Nathaniel


The meaning of the name Nathaniel is “Gift of God”. We agree, your son is a beautiful gift.

5. Oscar


Oscar is a cute and popular name we love. Do you love it?

4. Roméo


Who doesn’t know the story of Romeo and Juliet? Maybe your little Romeo will be very romantic.

3. Siméon


Siméon means “obedient” or “listening”. Maybe if you call your son Siméon, he will never disobey you. A mom can dream!

2. Timothy


Timothy was a very popular name in the 1960s. It’s time to make this name popular again.

1. Victor


This Roman name means “victor” or “conqueror”. If you want a strong baby boy, Victor can be a great option.

Sources : pixabay