20 Foods exported from China that will make you really sick

Some foods from China are extremely harmful for one's health. Researchers have found plastic rice. What will they find next?


China is a powerful exporter of all kinds of common goods. Unfortunately, sometimes it uses techniques to speed up the production chain or to sell at a better price which makes the quality of the products decrease. Sadly, some foods suffer the consequences and end up containing chemical products and pesticides. Learn about the 20 Chinese exported foods you should avoid eating.

20. Apple juice

China is one of the biggest producers of apple juice in the world but also the country where there is the most pesticides. Their apple juice contains added sugar and toxic pesticides.

19. Cod

Cod farming is no better than tilapia farming. This fish swims in a pool full of garbage and eats everything in its way (including the garbage!). This makes this fish toxic.

18. Rice noodles

Sulphur dioxide can be used to make rice noodles look fresher. Sulphur dioxide is toxic and associated with causing cancer.

17. Lamb or rat?

An article from Radio-Canada reported that rats were being sold as lamb at the beginning of 2013. The police arrested 900 people related to the incident and seized 20 000 tons of spoiled rat meat.

16. Beef or pork?

The website Voyage-Chine mentions that in China, beef is twice as expensive as pork, so to save money, many companies add borax based food additives in their pork to make it look like beef. This food additive is a powerful insecticide that should not be found in your digestive system.

15. Garlic

Chemical products are scattered in garlic fields and then they find themselves in our plates. Eat Canadian garlic after eating Chinese garlic and you will notice a great difference.

14. Eggs

If you leave a mixture of calcium carbonate, baking powder and a zest of paraffin with food colouring out for a few hours, you will have made an egg… Well, sort of. You will have something that looks like an egg but that will highly increase your risks of a serious food poisoning.

13. Mushrooms

Food inspectors often find contaminated mushrooms from China. Make sure you check where your mushrooms are from before buying them.

12. Cabbage

Chinese farmers use a formalin solution to keep cabbages looking fresh in very high temperatures during summer months. This chemical is extremely dangerous for one’s health.

11. Plastic rice

Synthetic resin and potatoes are the base for plastic rice sold in China. This rice can cause cancer.

10. Milk

Milk made with melanin caused six children to die and the intoxication of 300 000 others. Close to 230 tons of milk have been trafficked to increase the protein count. Melanin causes serious damage to the kidneys.

9. Black “pepper”

The famous black “pepper” of China is sometimes only mud that Chinese are trying to sell. The lack of rules and control in their food security systems make it hard to know if what you’re buying is really what is being advertised.

8. Wine

In Chinese wine, you won’t only find grapes. You will also find water, sugar, dyes, artificial flavours, etc. Some Chinese wine consumers have had heart attacks, sudden migraines and a high risk of cancer after drinking “Made in China” wine.

7. Industrial-style salt

One should never consume industrial-style salt because it is not meant to be consumed. However, this type of salt was sold as table salt for a long time in China. This salt can cause many health problems.

6. Oil

An agri-food company in China has decided to recycle used olive oil from restaurants, filter it and then resell it. More than 2000 tons of this kind of olive oil has been sold to restaurants, according to the website Voyage-Chine.

5. Peas

In 2005, specialists have found fake peas sold in canned peas. They contained artificial colouring harmful to one’s health.

4. Watermelon

A powerful pesticide is used in certain Chinese regions. This has made harvested watermelons explode because they grew too fast. Also, this pesticide has made the fruit extremely toxic. It is recommended to buy local for fresh and non-toxic produce.

3. Tilapia

Tilapia is a very popular fish in China and is farmed like cod. They are one of the worst fish on the market because of how toxic they are. This fish eats everything, so it swallows water with toxins and pesticides in it.

2. Chicken

Avian influenza and other diseases related to chickens are common in the Eastern regions of the world. Chickens in China often fail to have the required norms to be eaten.

1. Tea

According to the website Voyage-Chine, China is now selling pesticide tea. China is known as the biggest producer of tea in the world and is also known as the country with the most pesticides in its tea bags. Close to 29 toxic products have been found in various brands of tea including Lipton. Don’t worry! Those teas weren’t being exported…