Kill Germs In Your Car With These 8 Tips

Your house is filled with germs, especially in rooms like the bathroom or kitchen but have you ever wondered if your car is filled with germs?


Cars might seem like clean places but they aren’t. At all. They are a breathing ground for all sorts of microorganisms. There are almost as many germs in cars than in bathrooms. Kee your vehicle sparkly clean inside and out with these 4 tips.

1. Car keys

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Your keys are a great source of germs since they are always in your hands, which are filled with germs. Keep your keys to yourself and remember to clean them often.

2. Cabin air

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Germs live in the air so it’s not a good idea to keep your windows rolled up. Pollutants get trapped inside and contaminate your entire vehicle. Open your windows once and a while to get air flowing.

3. Carpet upholstery & seats

If you’ve ever eaten some food in your car, a few crumbs have most likely made their way on your car carpet and seats. Make sure you vacuum the inside of your car monthly.

4. Door handles, buttons and controls

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The areas in your car you touch the most have the most germs. Your steering wheel, door handles, dashboard buttons, etc., these are all filled with hundreds of species of bacteria. Keep cleaning wipes in your car at all times so you can wipe down surfaces easily.

5. Brush & vacuum

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Crumbs and dust can easily be removed with a vacuum. This should be done weekly but once a month is not so bad either.

6. Shampooing

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Pollen, dust, and other germs that contain particles inside your car need to be shampooed.

7. Disinfectant

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Use disinfectant wipes to remove very tenacious germs on dashboards and door panels.

8. Replace cabin filters & have AC cleaned


The AC and cabin filters can be filled with gunk, which can affect how you feel when you’re driving. Replace cabin filters and clean your AC unit to ensure the air that flows is fresh and clean.

Source: Autoloansolutions