Here’s What Meghan Markle And Other Celebrities Put On Their Plates

Celebrities often inspire us with different looks and trends. They can also influence our diet. Discover how many of your favourite stars are eating!


We constantly hear about celebrities in the media, whether in newspapers, magazines or on television. They are so much a part of our daily lives that they end up influencing us. It is indeed not uncommon to see people adopting the clothing style or haircut of some celebrities. Certainly, most people are also fascinated by the food of celebrities. That’s why we’ve decided to give you an overview of the eating habits of your favorite stars.

1. Bella Thorne probably doesn’t have good breath


What makes us say that? His passion for garlic!

That’s right! The beautiful actress and singer are known for loving garlic so much that she sometimes eats it raw!

2. Meghan Markle loves poutine!

Wikimedia Commons

Meghan Markle spends several years in Canada before marrying Prince Harry. It is therefore not surprising that she has developed a passion for poutine, a very popular dish in this country!

3. Flo Rida has funny food tastes

Beach Club

Some people have questionable food tastes, to say the least… This is particularly the case for Flo Rida. The singer eats his noodles with Cheetos. Special, isn’t it?

4. Channing Tatum: a simple man


One might think that celebrities have extravagant tastes, but this is not always the case.

Take Channing Tatum, for example. The seductive actor loves peanut butter and jam sandwiches.

5. Never eat Doritos with Chrissy Teigen!

Although Chrissy Teigen is the author of a cookbook, she sometimes acts strange with her food.

One of her habits is to lick her Doritos and put them back in the bag. There is no problem with this eating habit as such… unless she eats them with someone else!

6. Brian McKnight has a diet, but not always


Brian McKnight, like many celebrities, is on a diet. However, sometimes he does not eat the recommendations of his menu.

What does he eat in those days? A Chinese chicken salad with a little iced tea as a beverage.

7. Leonardo DiCaprio loves fish


Leonardo DiCaprio eats a lot of fish, but not just any fish!

The actor who played in the famous movie Titanic is a big fan of the brand Love The Wild. This is so much the case that he started investing in the company!

8. Gabrielle Union relies on water


The actress Gabrielle Union is sublime and not without reason! This is probably because she takes care of her skin by moisturizing herself.

Indeed, she makes sure to drink the equivalent of 2 liters of water every day to which she adds a small amount of lemon juice.

9. Khloe Kardashian simply eats!

Unlike many people obsessed with their weight, Khloe Kardashian tries not to pay attention to the numbers on his scale.

She simply eats what she wants when she wants, and it has to be said that it suits her very well!

10. Gordon Ramsay eats several meals a day

Wikimedia Commons

The famous chef Gordon Ramsay does not eat 3 meals a day as most people do.

The one who has been seen on many television shows, including MasterChef, eats 5 small meals a day.

11. Gwenyth Paltrow does not deprive herself

Wikimedia Commons

What is Gwenyth Paltrow’s ultimate secret? The magnificent American star avoids depriving herself.

Also, the actress tries to eat as naturally as possible. But sometimes the temptation to eat a good pizza in a restaurant is a little too strong!

12. Singer Ellie Goulding is a vegetarian


Ellie Goulding, like many people, is a vegetarian. So you won’t see her swallowing a huge piece of meat in a restaurant!

The talented singer prefers protein balls by far.

13. One of Donald Trump’s favorite drinks is…


The Coke Diet! That’s right! Who would have thought that the President of the United States loved this soft drink so much?

It seems Trump drinks a lot of it every day. It’s probably all the caffeine in her coke diet that would explain her mood swings against the media… unless it’s her horrible temper.

14. Jake Owen likes his soda to taste salty

Taste of Country

Like Donald Trump, Jake Owen also likes soft drinks.

Certainly, unlike the President of the United States, he likes to drink his soda by adding peanuts. This adds a salty flavor to his drink.

15. Heidi Klum fills up with fruits and vegetables every day


Some people like fruits and vegetables and those who love them. Heidi Klum is part of the second category.

All his lunches include a huge amount of fruit and vegetables. The model is thus sure to have a good dose of energy to start her day in style.

16. Kristin Cavallari often eats hamburgers


One of the meals Kristin Cavallari often puts on her weekly menu is the hamburger.

However, Cavallari doesn’t eat his burger like everyone else. This one tends to eat it… without bread! Let’s just say it changes the hamburger principle a little bit.

17. Melania Trump and ice cream are one

Wikimedia Commons

Everyone has a sinner. For some it is alcohol, for others, it is salty products and for others it is sugar.

Melania Trump is no exception to the rule! The wife of the President of the United States loves ice cream but eats it in moderation.

18. Taylor Swift drinks lemonade

Wikimedia Commons

Lemonade is a very popular drink, especially during the summer season.

However, the one drunk by the beautiful and young singer is infused with lavender. We don’t know if it’s better for your health or taste, but it’s certainly very original!

19. Meghan Markle is a fan of hot water with lemon

Wikimedia Commons

Like Gabrielle Union, Meghan Markle drinks hot water with a little lemon, a beverage known for its health benefits.

Despite this good habit, Meghan still drinks slightly less healthy drinks, such as wine. She particularly likes rosé!

20. Mollie King doesn’t drink

Metro Newspaper UK

It is no secret that alcohol wreaks havoc on both physical and psychological health.

Mollie King understood that and doesn’t drink. But that doesn’t mean he can’t have fun. This is undoubtedly a good example to follow.