These Celebs Over 65 Still Got It And You Won’t Believe How They Look

Our movie stars of the golden age have obviously aged with the passing of time, but they have not lost their liveliness and beauty!


While most of us tend to move towards the rocking chair and slippers and we get older, some celebrities over the age of 65 show no signs of slowing down, roaming the globe for charity work and new projects, still winning awards and acclaim long after the age when most people’s idea of a big deal is a game of canasta! See below for our list of inspiring, amazing older celebrities. Retirement is certainly not an option, let alone retirement homes!

20. Tina Turner, 79

Very much still the Queen of rock ‘n’ roll at 79, Tina Turner has still got the voice and the dance moves to keep audiences enthralled. She looks decades younger than her age and her recent shows have been praised as some of her best ever. She’s one Private Dancer who is undoubtedly still Simply the Best.

19. Bruce Springsteen, 70

With a world tour still rolling on, a sellout record-breaking Broadway show, the “Western Stars” performance film just released, and even a film based around his music set in London, “Blinded by the Light” earlier this year, the man who was Born to Run is showing no signs of slowing down in his 70s.

18. Jane Fonda, 81

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it’s hard to believe that Jane Fonda is in her ninth decade, as she still looks amazing and seems to be working just as hard as ever. She has had a huge hit playing Grace in “Grace and Frankie” alongside Lily Tomlin. The double Oscar-winner officially retired from acting in 1991, but since her comeback in 2005 she’s rarely been out of work. She has also continued her well-known political activism – it was recently revealed that she is arrested for protesting against climate change every week in Washington and spends nights in jail!

17. Phylicia Rashad, 71

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Best known as Mrs. Huxtable on the Cosby Show, Phylicia has always been noted for her stunning and elegant beauty, and she hasn’t lost an ounce of it as she moves into her 70s. She might be past retirement age and a grandmother of two, but you’d swear she’d only just turned 40.

16. Maury Povich, 80

Whatever he’s on, we’d like some of it! Famous host Povich may have turned 80 recently, but he still looks like he’s on the right side of 60.

15. Sylvester Stallone, 73


You could easily mistake Stallone for his younger self – especially as he still plays the same part, having been catapulted to fame by the Rocky series of movies. After all, he last played the hapless lovable boxer in 2018. Furthermore, the most recent of the hugely successful Rambo films was released just this year, with a 73-year-old Stallone taking on a Mexican drug cartel, and there are plans for a sequel in the pipeline. Although he’s known for his all-action popular blockbusters, it’s sometimes forgotten that Stallone is only the third person ever to be nominated for a best actor and best original screenplay Oscar for the same film (Rocky). Retirement? He’s never heard of it.

14. Blythe Danner, 76


Although her gray hair might give her age away a little bit, Blythe Danner still looks amazing at 76. She confesses that she has had a flirtation with Botox in the past, but claims that it’s mainly her lifestyle that has allowed her to look decades younger than what it says on her driving license. There is obviously a bit of luck in the genes as well though because her daughter Gwyneth Paltrow looks equally sensational as she approaches 50.

13. Stevie Nicks, 71


Former front person of Fleetwood Mac, Stevie has had a well-documented turbulent love life and problems with substance abuse, but you wouldn’t know that by looking at her ethereal beauty, as captivating as ever. Going into her eighth decade, she’s still performing, and this year became the first woman to be inducted twice into the rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Fame, once as a member of Fleetwood Mac and once as a solo artist.

12. Priscilla Presley, 74

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Probably most famous for marrying the king of rock ‘n’ roll when she was only just out of her teens, she’s made quite a life for herself since they separated in 1973. She kept her connections with Elvis after he died, acting as director of Elvis Presley Enterprises and helping to make Graceland one of America’s biggest tourist attractions. Many people will remember her acting as well, with a starring role in Dallas and a comic turn in the “Naked Gun” movies.

11. Cicely Tyson, 94


One of the oldest of our forever young celebrities, Tyson turns 95 at the end of this year. She’s a throwback to the days of actresses who looked after their own careers without publicists or agents dictating terms; she has put her success down to the fact that she only ever took on roles that she felt were worthwhile and that she could play well. The policy has certainly paid off, with a Tony, two Emmys, and the NSGC Best Actress award adorning her mantelpiece. She was inducted to the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame in 1977.

10. Prince Charles, 70

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The British Royal family clearly has longevity in their genes: Charles’ grandmother lived to 101 and his mother is Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, still going strong at 93. Charles seems equally youthful, maybe from his outdoor gardening and horse riding life and the pleasure of helping to raise four grandchildren.

9. Diahann Carroll, 84

You might not believe it, but Diahann Carroll was only 15 years off a century when she sadly died on October 4 this year. A lifetime working as an actor, model and singer started with some of the first all-black movies to be made in the USA, including Carmen Jones (1954) and Porgy and Bess (1959). In 1962 she was the first black actress ever to win a Tony Best Actress gong for “No Strings”. She was also awarded a Golden Globe in 1968. Her acting will never be forgotten, but equally important to her was her work as an activist, particularly in the fight against breast cancer, which she suffered herself. Sadly, Diahann Carroll passed away on October 4, 2019, at the age of 84.

8. Suzanne Somers, 73

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She might have turned 73, but Suzanne Somers is still going strong, taking on modeling, dancing, and acting roles that would be tiring for someone half her age. She’s also devoted much time to advocacy of her somewhat controversial views about medicine and alternative therapies.

7. Olivia Newton-John, 71

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It might make you feel pretty old to hear that the star of one of the iconic teen movies, Grease, is now in her 70s, but it obviously doesn’t bother her! Newton-John has a string of hit albums and acting successes in her resume, and she shows no sign of slowing down in her senior years.

6. Tippi Hedren, 89

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Someone who thoroughly deserves the title Hollywood icon started her professional life as a magazine model, but she is best remembered for her roles in the Hitchcock films The Birds (1963) and Marnie (1964), winning a Golden Globe for the former. Since she was discovered by Hitchcock she’s gone on to make more than 80 films and TV shows, and even though she’s almost 90 she works tirelessly for human rights and animal rights causes. Retirement? Not for her!

5. Mary Steenburgen, 66

A glittering career in Hollywood, including Back to the Future III, Philadelphia and an Oscar-winning turn in Melvin and Howard, might have aged some people, but Steenburgen doesn’t look much older now than when she first came to fame. She continues to pursue successful TV and film projects, and still finds time for human rights and environmental activism.

4. Steven Tyler, 71

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They used to say old rockers never die, they just fade away, but Steven Tyler refuses to do either. Still touring with Aerosmith, the band he founded in 1970, and planning a 16th album with the band, he hasn’t let the respectability of being inducted into the rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Fame or having a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame slow down his rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. Cheers to yet another celeb who will probably only retire when they die!

3. Mark Harmon, 68

Heartthrob Harmon isn’t breaking any fewer hearts as he approaches his 70s than he did when he was nominated the “Hottest Man Alive” by People magazine for his performances in St. Elsewhere in 1986. He had a slight career lull in the 1990s, though he carried on working, but sprang back into the limelight as a Secret Service agent in The West Wing, being nominated for an Emmy in 2002. That role led onto a role in NCIS, which he has now held for almost 16 years, being a producer on the same incredibly successful franchise.

2. Susan Sarandon, 73

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She may have just turned 73, but Oscar-winner Susan Sarandon has the figure and looks of someone far younger – maybe someone around her boyfriend’s age, who is 30 years younger than her! Rumors persist that she is about to make an honest man of her young partner, but in the meantime, she’s still very much in demand both as an actress and a passionate human rights activist.

1. Samuel L Jackson, 70

Often regarded as the coolest man on the planet, Samuel L Jackson still parties like he’s 40, as was shown at his 70th birthday celebration last year, which was packed with celebrities such as George Lucas and Whoopi Goldberg – and how many people get the privilege of Stevie Wonder singing Happy Birthday to them? Of course, he’s still going strong as an actor as well, as you would expect of the man who holds the world record for the biggest career box office gross of any actor in history, $17.1 billion. With such a fortune, needless to say, he will never, ever, end up in a retirement home.